Saturday, October 6, 2018

Green and Gray Saturday

It’s a green Saturday because the final color of our Rainbow Scrap Challenge year is medium to dark greens. The last two months of the year will be used to finish up our quilts.

And it’s a gray Saturday because... it’s a gray Saturday. There are more rain clouds threatening, and we’re likely to get lots of refreshing rain as we have for the last several days. But it’s a wonderful change from the heat of summer, and it really feels like fall now. The leaves are changing FINALLY and the air is crisp and cool. Our garden plants are in panic mode, trying to produce as many remaining tomatoes, squash and pumpkins and grapes as they can. The peppers are totally chill and taking their time.

This week wasn’t my most productive ever, but I did get a lot done. But sewing time was vying with autumn preparation things like switching out winter/summer wardrobes, getting my annual physical (part 2), cleaning drawers and collecting things for donation to Goodwill, etc. And fall housecleaning. I’ve decided that when I turn 70 (in 5.5 years), I am going to get a housekeeping service. Life is too short to spend so much time cleaning when I could be doing other things..... following a Squirrel!   I decided I needed a quick change of pace, so I pieced a quick quilt for Darla and Alfie using a panel by Ann Lauer called Cat-i-tude. I chopped it up, added matching fabric (that matches better than the camera is able to capture) and stitched up this 34x44” quilt. And Darla actually napped on it yesterday!

This week I also re-made a Squared Away block - a green square from March - to replace one I didn’t like. The old one will either go onto the back of the quilt or into the Parts Department.  And then I made four quarter log cabins.

There will be more quarter log blocks coming, but I didn’t want to use up any more scraps until the final Squared Away block is announced today. So, by next week I should have my final Squared Away blocks done, plus the 4 green birds and any 6.5” blocks that I can make with the remaining green scrap crumbs.

But I did make some selvage blocks this week. I had used all my green selvages in March, having to mix both light and dark to make the 11 blocks then. But I’ve used lots of green in the interim, so had enough to make these four 6.5” and two 4.5” squares.

My Bowties quilt (“Dancing in September”” is basted and ready to be quilted, so that will get done in the coming week as well. Plus I have another quilt whose blocks are all pieced and ready to be assembled. Stay tuned. And have a great weekend!

Join us over at Angela’s blog for Rainbow Scrap Saturday to see what everyone else has been up to with their scraps.


  1. Those are pretty cool cats on Darla and Alfie's quilt! What do they think of it? Looks like you enjoyed some pretty green scraps already this week, too!

  2. You have gotten so much done this week! Your green scraps look great.

  3. Hope your week, as well as mine, turns from grey to orange with sunshine and fall colors. Nothing but rain here. I notice that your green selvage include Morning Glory Farm, a sweet fabric. I grew a very large trailing plant, but not a flower to be found. Never again! I will stick with petunias.

  4. Looks like a pretty productive week to me! And a productive pretty week, too!

  5. I did not know that feline psychedelics were legal in Utah. With the change in weather, I have turned into cat bedding. And yes...I'm always impressed with your productivity.

  6. Love the Cat-i-tude! The green stuff is mighty fine too.

  7. LOVE Cat-i-tude! So glad Darla approves!

  8. Of course your furry family deserves a quilt of their own - hopefully they won't fight over it.


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