Tuesday, October 23, 2018

A Mid Week Progress Report and a Finish!

I’m happy to be sewing again, although in small spurts. Tomorrow I’m going to get my next quilt basted (come hell or high water), but in the meantime, just some plain ol’ sewing was called for to scratch my Need To Sew itch.

I had planned to sew myself an apron, and finally got it done. However, there was enough fabric to make two, so I made matching aprons for Cousin Kim and me. In the end, I omitted  the red ruffle at the bottom, seeing much better opportunities for the red in my quilty sewing, hehe.

They’re pretty plain jane, but cute when on. I did some fancy stitching on the upper edges of our pockets; butterflies for Kim (her Etsy shop is ButterfliesandDonuts) and some flowers for me. Only the picture of Kim’s turned out, and it’s hard to see anyway because the thread matches the pocket. But oh well.

This was #5 on my Quarter 4 Finish Along 2018 Goals. My list is here, and the quarterly linky party is HERE.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
I have a pile of mink stoles (and jackets) that I need to get rid of. I was the “lucky” (*cough*) person to inherit those that belonged to my mother, grandmothers, former mother-in-law and.... I don’t know, maybe the dog catcher’s wife or something. Sheesh, I think they multiplied in their hanging case over these years. Don’t laugh - there is even a neck stole of mink bodies (about 3) sewn together. I’m embarrassed to own these things and do not want them!! Originally my plan was to cut them up and make teddy bears for my kids out of them. That never happened, and I have no desire to make them for the grands, either. Should I just take them to the thrift store? Will they even take them? Anyone want them or know of someone who could use them?

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Another thing I’ve been meaning to share. As a member of the Days For Girls organization, I receive a monthly PERIODical (newsletter, but their choice of words is wonderful, isn’t it?). In the October issue under the category of strong women leaders, there was a great article about the Hon. Soipan Tuya, a Maasai woman elected to national office. It talks about her visit to the Great Rift Valley, specifically the Narok area, where she met with hundreds of young girls and parents. She has partnered with DFG and the government to bring some interest changes along. You may enjoy reading the article; the link is HERE.  If some of the faces and styles and colors look familiar, well you may just have read my recent posts about my visit to the Maasai Narok area of Kenya this summer!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Finally, I had to share these cute pictures with you. Cousin Kim and I usually go walking every Wednesday morning, and last week we were once again at Wheeler Farm, our favorite place (even better than Disneyland!).

They are really getting into the spirit of Halloween this year!  We just laughed and laughed at this.

The school kids (there are always busloads here on field trips) thought it was cool, too. Then we went inside the barn, because I had to get a look from the inside.

HAHAHAHA!!  He even has hay in his mouth!!!  Naturally, there are scarecrows, pumpkins, witches, etc etc. all over the farm. Plus the annual Hay Maze and Pumpkin Days events for kids and the parents. Fall was always my most favorite time when I worked at the farm, and it just keeps getting better! My hat is off to Reagan S. and the whole team who work there!!



  2. You could sell the furs on Ebay or Craigslist. There are people that will pay good money for furs in good condition. Some people even re-purpose them into beautiful works of art.

  3. I'll be giggling about that mouthful of hay all day! 8)

  4. Your aprons are so cute! Looks like a fun and quick project. Mike wants an apron to wear when he's working on his golf club - making and repair out in the garage. I wonder about making one out of the vinyl type stuff that you find at the craft stores. Loved your pictures from the farm - skeleton horses!

  5. Did you line your aprons? I have martini glass fabric to make an apron for a friend who collects them. The only apron I own is a heavy duck material and I wonder if just a single thickness of fabric is sturdy enough. Did you have a pattern or just made one up?

  6. Molly suggests that you make cat toys (assuming your cats are sophisticated enough).

  7. Glad to hear that you are feeling well enough to sew a bit. I have nerve problems in my neck and it's miserable when I have to swear off sewing for a week so the swelling can go down (fingers crossed that the new sewing table eliminates that!). Love the aprons, very fun. And so are the skeletal horse at the farm. I can understand why the kids would thank that was so cool.

  8. Cute aprons. I don't wear them. I guess I never got in the habit. I have that fabric but didn't want to cut it up too much so used some of it on back of potholders. Apron is perfect for the fabric. Congrats on goal completion.

    My youngest son has a second (really third job) working at Skellington Manor - one of the best haunted houses in IL. He's done it for years and has a lot of fun. Those horses aren't very scary but they sure are cute.

  9. Great aprons - very cute!
    If you liked the skeleton horse (perfect for the location!) - you'll love this: https://wgno.com/2018/10/01/new-skeletons-at-skeleton-house-on-state-st-st-charles-ave/

  10. Oh wow! That horse is utterly amazing!!! Your aprons turned out cute and I love that they're so practical (not that I...ahem....have occasion to wear one anymore). As for the fur coats, perhaps there might be a local theatre group that might like them? Could you advertise them on your local equivalent of Craig's List? Perhaps you could find someone who likes making teddy bears (something I've done with furs in the past).


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