Saturday, August 25, 2018

So Many Orange Scraps

It’s time to recap all my progress with orange scraps this month. I’m joining in with all the other rainbow scrap enthusiasts at Scrappy Saturday.

First, I sewed up all my leftover orange bits and bobs. I love making crumb blocks at the end of the month, and this time I was able to knock out 17 blocks at 6.5”.

I have plans for all the crumb blocks, but that’s for next year’s challenge. I think I showed a sample back when we were doing teal. Essentially, I’ll be taking four blocks of one color and sashing them with a black 1” strip, forming a giant + in the center. That means that I’ll need blocks in multiples of 4. So next year I’ll continue sewing scraps this way, and combining them at the same time. It will probably end up making at least two donation quilts.

So, my orange results are shown here.

2   Linked Squares blocks @ 16.5"
17 Crumb blocks @ 6.5"
16  Quarter Log Cabins @ 6.5"
6  Bowties @ 4,5"
4  Orange Birds @ 10.5"
2  Squared Away blocks @ 10.5"
2  Lollipops @ 6.5"
2  Friendship Stars @ 6.5"
15 Selvage Squares in orange (pictured HERE)
9   Selvage Squares in brown (pictured HERE)
Total Blocks:  75

And for those of you who read my posts about the trip I took to Kenya last month, you may remember the pictures of the rutted dirt road in the Mau Forest that took us up to the village of Entiak and the Tenkes Primary School. WORST.ROAD.IN.THE.WORLD.

Well, there is some good news. While there are no immediate plans to pave it, at least the Kenyan government has graded the road, which should improve conditions for a few years.

Before (last month):

After:  YAY!!

During the next week until month-end, I’ll be working on finishing up the blocks for the Orange Lozenges quilt. This was the picture from the start of the month, and I already have three more blocks made. Only six more to go. 

And if I get those done, I can sew up the top and then baste it AND baste the Linked Squares quilt top too. Wish me luck. There are an awful lot of vegetables from the garden that will get higher priority!! Tomatoes and squash, I’m looking at YOU!


  1. Great crumb blocks--you have a LOT of oranges there--you got a whole lot done this month...hugs, Julierose

  2. You have been busy sewing orange blocks! They are all very pretty

  3. Orange tomatoes, at least? In keeping with the color theme lol

  4. Of course, the bird blocks are my favorites, but those orange crumb blocks are vibrant and fun!

  5. Those quarter log cabins are calling my name! Do you start with a certain size square to make them? Hooray on the road grading - that was quite a road before!

  6. Great crumb blocks and love those birds. Good luck with your garden!

  7. That's an ocean of orange you've got there! And good to the last drop, too!

  8. Beautiful orange blocks. All of them. Great crumb blocks : )

  9. Love those crumb blocks. They are also a good way to include orphan blocks, as you’ve done.

  10. As per your usual, you have made a huge amount of pretty little and big squares!

    I have slowly and painfully been moving all my crafty things upstairs to the "loft". Today, I think I will disassemble my sewing table and haul it up there and the reassemble it! My sewing machine is up there waiting...I need to get my SIL to get my cutting tables up there for me and then I am going to have my grandson start hauling all of my fabrics. (That's a good job for a six going on seven year old!)
    One of these days I will be joining my quilting buddies and sew to my heart's content!

  11. Way to go! I like your crumb setting idea. I might have to use that for some multicolor crumb blocks in the future.

    And glad they graded that road! That's how our gravel road used to look when we moved out here to the country. School buses couldn't even get down the road. Now we have black top.

    Most of my squash is winter or butternut squash so no processing there but I do have lots of pumpkins that I'll need to process next month. I do have one zucchini plant that I've managed to stay on top of by making different zucchini breads and by grilling or stir frying it. My aunt used to make everything under the sun from zucchini and it used to be a big joke. I don't want people joking about what's in my food! Good luck with the processing! I've given away all the tomatoes I can't use after canning spaghetti sauce, salsa, hot sauce and ketchup/catsup and tomatoes.

  12. SEW much ORANGE!!! Kudos to the Kenyon government for grading that road. Your Kenyon friends must be trilled with the new state of the road!

  13. Your lozenges quilt will be a beauty!

  14. The fire trail roads into the Blue Mountains in SE Washington/NE Oregon get graded each year, after the spring rains. Before that the wild boys in their tall pickup trucks wreck havoc on the mud and roadway. Very difficult for motorcycles (like ours carrying both of us) to maneuver till they are graded. I imagine a great rain storm making a river out of that nicely graded road in Africa.

  15. How dare the garden demand your attention!! Orange isn't a colour I use overly much but in your hands it looks great.

  16. What a fun set of orange blocks! You really made good use of all those bits and pieces of orange. Good luck with finishing off your orange lozenges.


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