Saturday, June 9, 2018

Teal Time

Hi! I can’t believe another week has rolled around this fast. Summer is in full swing here, with temps in the nineties and the flowers and veggies all snug and happy in their warm beds. We’ve already been eating rhubarb (a spring harvest) and radishes and spinach. The apricot tree keeps dropping occasional green apricots to the ground, so it gives me hope that there are some where I can’t see them and they will eventually ripen. Then I may need to fight the birds to get any, but I guess we’ll see how that goes. Just my luck they’ll ripen when I’m in Kenya in a month....

But for now, let’s talk about the color teal (aqua, blue-green, turquoise, etc). I got lots of sewing done this week on my Rainbow Scrap color for June. I’m joining up with Angela’s Scrappy Saturday and look forward to seeing what other quilters around the world are making with their teal scraps!

First we have three Linked Squares blocks (16.5” each, unfinished)

And next up are the selvage squares. I made 17 in the 6.5” size and then with the remaining scraps made 6 in the 4.5” size.

And this month’s Squared Away Sampler, courtesy of Mari (Academic Quilter), is this lovely little number. They actually remind me of the Irish Chain blocks I’ll be doing for my Lattice Birds Quilt. Anyway, I made two of these that will finish at 10” each.

I did some other sewing this week, but nothing exciting. I added some lace to the hem of a blouse I recently purchased in order to make it longer. Then on a pair of cargo shorts I have, the pocket tops kept flipping up. Since I don’t need the pockets on the legs to be useful, I stitched them closed. And finally, I did some mending for my DDIL. All of the clothes stuff was in preparation for our Kenya trip next month. Later in the week I’m going to do a separate post about the humanitarian group we’re going with, some of the things we’re collecting to take along, and all the other preparation going on. It’s been crazy!

But I’ll leave you with a picture from the Shop Hop that cousin Kim and niece Jenny and I joined in on last week. The theme was Party Time, and each shop had a different party theme, like Girls Night Out, Slumber Party, Halloween Party, Luau, High School Reunion, Hootenanny, etc. These pictures were taken at the Slumber Party at Pine Needles quilt shop in West Jordan - one of our favorites. We thought this was a cute idea for photos....

Jenny and Kim

Kim and Cathy
That’s it for now. I do check in daily on my Blogger dashboard and read your comments. They are always appreciated. I know we’re all still waiting for Blogger to get their act together and solve the commenting email issue. You’d think that something as big as the implementation of the GDPR would have been planned for. But obviously they didn’t. Anyway, I will make time this week to go hunting through my old files to dig up email addresses and cut/paste/reply manually where I can.


  1. Love those linked squares blocks! They really do give the illusion of chain links! Cute pictures from your shop hop, too!

  2. Your Linked Squares blocks are beautiful as the 2 blocks for the BOM.
    It seems you had great time during shop hop. :)

  3. What fun you must have had on that Shop Hop!! Don't worry about responding on my account, as we all understand the issues with Blogger. We just want you to know that we're still reading!

  4. Such wonderful teal fun. And I'm assuming that you are hiding behind the sign so we can't be tempted by your Shop Hop purchases.

  5. Love your sampler blocks, nice contrast. That shop hop sounds like fun, especially the party theme. I've never done one, but some of our guild members went to Missouri Star and came back broke. Just as well I stayed home! Can't wait to hear about all your trip details. Have a fun week!.

  6. Kenya! That will be exciting. Have a safe and productive trip.

    Your aquas are all beautiful. The linked squares will be really dramatic. 😀

  7. Beautiful aqua/teal/turquoise blocks! I especially like the Linked Squares.

  8. Wonderful lot of blue green goodness! I'm surprised you still have so many selvages.

    We've been eating garden goodness too...asparagus, lettuce, spinach, radishes and rhubarb.

    I don't think our fabric shop hops are as much fun as yours.

    And, oh...the anticipation of Kenya trip!

  9. Your teal-y turquoises (or are they turquoisey teals?) are looking good! And I got a kick out of the funny photos. That's a very clever photo board. Looking forward to hearing more about your charity project!
    louise dot hornor at gmail

  10. Wow, those linked squares sure caught my eye! I'm a lover and designer of all things shadow/layered quilts! Cute photo at the bottom!

  11. What a great photo board, or whatever you call those things that you stick your head in for photos! Great idea! I like the idea of a different kind of party at each shop--neat theme! I hope you get some apricots before your trip :)

  12. I know I need to get a life but I'm sitting here pondering just how many selvage pieces you must have in your stash - to say nothing about the ones you've already used....definitely boggles the mind!! Fun photos too.


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