Thursday, June 7, 2018

Summer Reading - Books and Book Blocks

You know I love quilts. But I love books too. And if you combine them, that’s nirvana. You may remember the Reading Rainbow Quilt that I finished last year.

Through a year of scraps with the Rainbow Scrap Challenge, this was a labor of love.

And now, with the Block Lotto, our monthly hostess for June is Nann, and she has given us a fun new block to try called Summer Reading.  You can see her post on the Block Lotto HERE. Her post contains a link to the actual pattern for the block.

Here are the six blocks I made for this month:

As I did in the Reading Rainbow quilt, I added “titles” to three of the books. They are gleaned from my stash of selvages and stitched on the “spine” of the book with a small stitch length for security.

And just to let you know that I love REAL books too, here is my current read. A recent article in the Washington Post had a great list of summer reading titles from various people. When I saw that this book appeared more than once, and read the reviews of this, it became a Must Read for me. I’m about two thirds through, and am savoring every bit. Two thumbs way up!

I’ve got another half dozen on hold. I’m hoping that at least a couple come up over the next month so that I can load them onto my iPad and have some reading to take with me for my Africa trip in July. That’s when I love digital books - traveling without adding the extra weight of physical books. Because except for my personal carry-on, all my luggage weight allowance will be devoted to humanitarian items (toys, fabric and personal care items) for our Kenyan non-profit project. 


  1. Always loved your reading quilt and now more? Looking forward to seeing how you will put these single books together...Hugs and best wishes for a wonderful trip experience..., Julierose

  2. The new book block is great. I don't think I have seen one like it before. How cool that you found a book that is set in your state! I know you are getting excited with your trip growing closer. Be safe.
    xx, Carol

  3. What cute book blocks! Kinda makes me wish that I saved selvedges. I think it's wonderful that you're filling your suitcases with items to give away!
    louise dot hornor at gmail

  4. I've gotta say I love your birds! and love watching the progress of all your projects!
    It inspires me to get my own crap together and get stuff done.

  5. Such cute blocks. And its wonderful to see the bookcase quilt in its full splendor again, so we can appreciate all the knick knacks.

  6. This is such a great block, and I love your "titles." Always glad to see Reading Rainbow make an appearance!

  7. I loved your book shelf quilt and have seen several others around the internet, but haven't seen any of the open book blocks - a fun difference.


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