Friday, July 21, 2017

My Friendship Stars

You may not know it, but the blog title has a double meaning. Friendship Stars (a variation block) are one of the selected blocks I’ve been making throughout the year as we move from color to color every month for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge.  My FAVORITE friendship stars this week are two little girls, as you’ll see momentarily.

First, let’s talk about the stars I sewed. All 42 of them. All these blue FS’s bring me up to a total of 122 blocks. I will need a (revised) total of 136 for the quilt I’m planning, which has been downsized. I will make at least a dozen each of pink and orange as their months come along, so I will have wiggle room to edit blocks that aren’t really doing it for me. Like maybe those wildly-printed stars with leftover banjo fabric.

And yet, they may not be the butt-ugliest. We will have to wait and see.....  These blocks finish at 6” each.  I have to send a big cyber hug and many thanks to Cathy at Sane, Crazy Crumby Quilting for suggesting that using the EZ angle ruler might be a better and faster way to make my HSTs. She was right, of course, and it's thanks to her that I got all these done. Some of those damn banjo HSTs, which were trimming leftovers, have been sitting around for 2 years since I made THIS quilt for DH.

Linking up to Angela’s Scrappy Saturday for our weekly Rainbow Scrap Challenge party. Stop by and see all the creativity in blue!

Anyway, with the remaining banjo HST’s, I made these 4 blocks:

I may sew them together in one giant block, or use them individually. Either way, they will become parts for kennel quilts, because if I never see this fabric again, it will be too soon.

As diversionary sewing from all the blue and banjos, I worked on my pineapples. I really love the green chevron fabric (what I had left of it) in the pineapple crowns....

I need a total of 24 pineapples, so these will continue to provide sewing refreshment, just like the real thing.

And as for my favorite Friendship Stars? These two seven-and-a-half-year-olds:

Left: Zoe   Right: London
Cousin Kim and her granddaughter Zoe came over Friday to play with me and my granddaughter London. In the morning we went to Wheeler Farm, a local working historic farm where I worked for 4 years. (See all my many posts under the keywords Wheeler Farm). We took wagon rides, visited the animals, saw a blacksmith demonstration, the girls got to brush down a cow (it wasn’t milking time), and played on the playground. We walked all over, and I got to visit with several of my former co-workers.

Kim and I noticed how similar our girls’ skin coloring was (olive), as well as their brown hair (long, with golden highlights, both with braids at that point), light blue-gray eyes, and long skinny legs. We decided they could be sisters. That delighted them to no end (they were holding hands within five minutes of meeting each other - oh to be seven again!). Naturally, then then decided they were TWINS.

We got back to my house at noonish, had lunch (picnic on the patio), then they alternated doing art projects indoors and swimming in the kiddie pools outdoors. Kim and I sat with them outside, in the shade of the apricot tree, with our feet in the pool. It was such a wonderful, relaxing day. We got NO sewing done and I didn’t get my hair cut - we were too sweaty, tired and lazy after the farm excursion. We did chat, drink iced coffee, and laughed with the girls. Kim took some great pix of the girls at the farm, and I hope she sends them to me so I can share one or two. I only got this one above, late in the day....

We are going to do this again in a couple weeks. I think it will probably take that long for Kim and I to recover.....

Cathy maroon


  1. So many beautiful blocks! You are doing great making these.

  2. Of course the quilting is great. I absolutely love the picture of the girls. They look so laid back and natural. Looking at it I was thinking ...don't you just love little girls...then I thought...I love little boys too. Just love KIDS!

    My grandson has moved away. Near Sandpoint Idaho..very near Spokane WA. I told Terry we might have to buy a new vehicle so we can pile the dogs in and go for a vacay. Something to think about.
    xx, Carol

  3. I agree with Cathy - the ruler is the easiest way to cut triangles from scraps. Your stars look awesome, and those blocks are a great plan for RSC! It's going to be gorgeous. :D

  4. What sweet little girls who really,are stars. You must have had a busy week, loving every minute. Your Friendship Stars are so pretty. How big are they. If they are not tiny I hope to make some in blue.

  5. I'd be lost without my Easy Angle! Best thing ever for sewing triangles.
    I love those friendship stars more every time you show them! Even with banjos!

  6. I thought the banjo fabric was kind of cute, but I know you can sometimes have too much of a good thing! :). If you cut it up small enough, you won't even know they are banjos anymore... Maybe? Anyway, your friendship stars are wonderful, as always. What fun with your cousin Kim, and the two grandgirls! Sounds like you had the perfect ideas for things to do!

  7. Fabulous projects and your lovely BLUE jean shorts "TWINS" What a sweet tale and a great visit for you and Cousin Kim! Thanks for sharing.

  8. That Friendship Star block is one of my favorites. All your blues look great, even the banjos! When you put all the blocks together, I'll bet most of the banjos play well with the other colors. Love that one pink pineapple - it makes me think of pink lemonade! What a joy to be creating such great family memories this summer!

  9. How could you downsize such an awesome quilt like Friendship Stars? Especially now that you have an EZ angle ruler!! You can go HST crazy!

    I might have to try some pineapples. I've had a tea towel challenge quilt laying around here for ages that I started and need to take apart and try again and wanted to make some fruits like that pineapple and strawberries to add to it. One of these days...

    Gosh...I haven't seen a pic of London (I don't think) since she was little, little, little. What a beauty (as well as her cousin). If I remember correctly she is around the same age as my grandson Jacob.

  10. Love all of your stars. Those two little cuties are precious. Sounds like you had an awesome day! That pineapple quilt is still calling my name. I have not put my yellow scraps away from last month just in case I find some spare time hidden up a pile of fabric. Have a great week!

  11. The blues are amazingly beautiful and so well sewn. But I just love your pineapples too esp. their tops.
    Nothing like time spent with family is there. Wonderful memories for all!

  12. Sweet girls, I have a seven year old grand daughter with long legs and blue eyes too, they are fun and I agree, boys and girls are both wonderful.
    Your pineapple blocks are delicious, I want to start some too!

  13. I love, love, love your blue stars together!

  14. Sounds like you had an absolutely lovely day with the girls. For some reason I can see you spending time teaching them to sew (hmm, wonder why that would be?). Love all the blues (but agree that the banjo print is a bit much perhaps).


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