Saturday, July 8, 2017

Finish-Along Goals for 3rd Quarter

I can’t believe we are already into the third quarter of the year. Time not only flies, it is breaking the sound barrier..... So, these are my goals for the 3rd quarter of the Finish-Along.
They are all in various stages of completion, and I have no idea how many I can realistically finish as I keep up with my regular Rainbow Scrap Challenge sewing, the kennel quilts I sew for local animal shelters, etc etc.  I am linking up to the 3rd Quarter Finish Along Goals Linky Party here.

1.   The Never-Ending Farm Girl Quilt.

This has been on my finish list for many quarters. The hard part of that, for me,  is that dear sweet Lori Holt keeps coming out with more and cuter blocks all the time and I want to add them in. But the blocks I’ve made are 12” blocks, so I think that unless I want a quilt the size of Cleveland, I ought to divide them up to make more than one quilt. Yep. Let’s do it!

2.  Let it Snow.

There really is no rush on this one, but with all the Christmas in July hoopla, to say nothing of our temperatures soaring over 100 degrees, I think this should be near the top of the list!

3.  Tulip Quilt for Diane

This is a joint project with my friend Terri. We have split up the number of blocks so that each of us only has about 17-18 to do. However, I want extras for a quilt for me. If I can get all that done, along with the fact that I will be doing the quilting, I will count this as one of my projects.

4.  Pillow Shams to match Aria bedspread

The quilt was finished last year, but my decorative pillows are still naked. I will have to piece these from remnants, which should be a fun design exercise.

5.  Bruce’s Guitar Quilt

This is a pattern by Robbie Joy Ecklow that is designed for a quilt that is 38x47”. I have been working on repeating design elements so that I can expand it into a quilt that is at least 60x72, preferably a bit larger. So, even though I haven’t cut into the fabric yet, it is a WIP.

6.  The Pineapple Quilt
Finished and blogged about HERE.

One block down, ??? more to go. We will see what I have when I run out of either yellow scraps or patience.

7.   Rainbow Bookcase

This is one of my Rainbow Scrap Challenge projects, and I am nearly peeing my pants with excitement (can I say that?) over it.  All it needs is an orange shelf, 3 pink blocks to add to my pink/red shelf, and one other dark block for the purple shelf.

8.   Selvage Quilt

Another Rainbow Scrap project that still needs about 5 columns. Once it gets down to the last one or two columns, I will just finish it up. I like to stagger my RSC finishes.

9.  Denim and Flannel Picnic Quilt
Finished and blogged about HERE.

I started this one about 10 years ago and have fallen deeply out of love with it. I am only finishing it so that I can give it away. It is denim and flannel, and was always intended as a picnic quilt blanket. And it is very heavy, as you might imagine.

10.   Repurposing Patriotic Quilt into 3 Wall Hangings

This are pieces saved from a degraded quilt made by my ex-husband’s grandmother. I saved the quilt (first, out of the trashcan in 1982), then ended up snipping out the intact parts. These three pieces will be trimmed and bound for my three adult children, with pictures and a story about their great-grandmother.

11.   All You Need is Love

Will be a present for my daughter’s birthday later this year.

12-15.  Baby Quilts for Charity

These are whole-cloth baby quilts that just need to be quilted, trimmed and bound.

And in between those projects, I hope to get some sleep......

Cathy maroon


  1. Sleep? There's no time for that....get cracking girl!!! Suggestion re the disliked Denim & Flannel one - what about chopping it up and finishing it into kennel quilts?? Just a thought!

  2. You sure have many lovely projects on the go..a lot to finish sewing...hugs, Julierose

  3. Holy cow, Cathy, do you have another life? Some very ambitious goals, but you do have 3 months in the quarter (assuming my math is correct). Really loving the tulips.

  4. Goodness, what a lot of projects! Good luck. xx

  5. Forget the sleep!! You need a never emptying coffee cup!!! I want to start making a pineapple quilt, but until my schedule gets back to normal, I need to keep my blinders on and work on what I have already started. That is a huge list as it is. Good luck on your goals!! Can't wait to read more bookshelves!!

  6. Love the rainbow bookcase!
    Best wishes for a fun and productive quarter!

  7. Wow! Lots of fun things to do!!! Sleep is over least it seems to be in this house. If you figure out how to get some in, please let me know!
    Love all the beautiful quilt blocks and quilts you have done so far. I can't wait to see the next quarters progresses!

  8. I love to visit and see how busy you are. You inspired me to get my room in order which is an event in itself. Though I am thinking more and more that I might move my machine alone to the dining table to keep Terry company while I sew. My grandson would love that guitar quilt. He plays base in their church band.
    xx, Carol

  9. you always have the prettiest quilts in progress! I love coming here and seeing what you have been up to. Hope you are having a great week.


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