Tuesday, July 25, 2017

A Finish and Pineapple Progress

The weather today (Tuesday) is delightful - it just finally reached 80 degrees F. It began raining last night and rained through the night and early morning, cooling things down. Being a mountain valley, the Salt Lake Valley is a dry climate, so the cool is very refreshing, not sauna-like.

Over the weekend I finished the denim and flannel quilt(s) from my 3rd Quarter Finish-Along goals. Originally I thought I’d make a picnic quilt, but I wasn’t loving that idea. I just wanted it GONE. One of my friends (thanks, MaryAnne!) suggested making kennel quilts out of them, and that is exactly what I did. Either way, it’s DONE.

This is before they were washed. Upon washing, the edges fray, making it nice and soft. There are 8 of them, and they measure about 13x20” (each) or so. This was #9 on my FAL list, which you can see HERE.

Now I can take these 8 quilts, along with the 12 quilts and 2 pillows from last month, to the Best Friends Animal Shelter (a no-kill facility). YAY!

Tomorrow I fly to Lake Havasu, AZ to meet up with my brother and help him finish loading his U-Haul truck. Then on Thursday we will drive back to Utah. I am driving his truck with camper shell and he is driving the U-Haul with a trailer (carrying his hot rod). The driving time is about 8 hours, but I am not sure if we will average the speed limit. Plus, there will be bathroom, food and gas breaks. Cross your fingers that there are no vehicle breakdowns! I don’t like driving through desert (AZ - Las Vegas - Southern Utah) in July. With a little luck, and if we can leave by 7 am or so, we could be home in the Salt Lake Valley by 6pm - with enough time to unload some stuff. I. Am. Not. Looking. Forward. To. This. Trip.  But needs must..... At least Bruce will have dinner waiting for us, LOL!!

Also, I’ve finished all 24 of the pineapple blocks, and here they are on my design board.

This is NOT their layout. There will be 2” (finished) sashing between columns and blocks. The setting will be six pineapples across and four down, staggered. I’ve got all the sashing cut, but won’t start the top assembly until the weekend, most likely. I have that green pineapple bedsheet for a backing, but have not yet auditioned any bindings. All in good time.
Cathy maroon


  1. Yay! Something(s) finished and out of the way! Woohoo! Loving your pineapples. Have a safe trip!

  2. Those kennel quilts are so pretty! Lucky critters to have you sewing for them! I bet the shelter is very appreciative!
    I am sending out good hopes that you trip back to Utah is uneventful! I didn't think I could do it, but when we came up to Washington form the Bay Area in California, I drove it all night! One long drive! Of course, we did the pits stops, but I was determined to get here. Going back was different. We stopped halfway and had a nice sit down dinner and a good rest in a hotel!
    I love your pineapples! Especially with the pink one in the mix! It's going to be a great quilt. I can't wait to see the finish. I bet you can't wait as well.
    I've posted some progress pictures of the catio and the (three) blocks I got done for April's RSC! Finally, something got done!
    Have a great trip!!!

  3. Your pineapples are great--love them...best of luck on your car trip...
    hugs, Julierose

  4. It was finally cooler here today, too - such a refreshing change! I love your pineapple blocks, especially the surprise of the pink one. Looking forward to seeing them with the sashing. Have a very safe trip! That's not something I would enjoy either, but sometimes there's no other choice. I'll be thinking about you tomorrow!

  5. Love the odd pineapple. I've been seeing a lot of pineapples lately. Crocheted. Applicqued. And Tattoos too. Must be the trending fruit!

    I hope the weather and the cars cooperate with your trip. I have never driven a car/truck towing a trailer of any sort. Since Terry used to be a truck driver of course I must leave the driving to HIM, lol.

    Be safe
    xx, Carol

  6. Hope your trip is going/went well. At least you get to come home to some lovely, fresh pineapple.

  7. You're welcome for the idea! Glad you were able to put the hated project behind you and do some good for the animals too. I love the pineapples (make me want to run to the store and buy one...of the edible sort).


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