Saturday, April 2, 2016

Scrappy Orange Saturday and March Roundup

Happy Scrappy Saturday! Angela at So Scrappy just announced the color of the month for April (orange) on Thursday evening, but I haven’t had a chance to do anything yet except gather my orange piles together: orange cotton scraps, orange vintage sheet pieces, orange waste triangles and orange strips. I will be sewing like a madwoman this month..... I’m sure there are others who have already whipped up some great orange eye candy, so why not hop over to Scrappy Saturday and check it out?!

March was a good month for my RSC purple blocks; I finished:

12 blocks for the scrappy sampler,
2 Dresdens,
1 Mama cat with 12 kittens,
12 rail fence blocks,
10 16-patch blocks and
6 - 8” crumb blocks,
1 miscellaneous block of tiny HSTs.

That’s a total of 56 blocks, which was better than February (39) but not as good as January (67).  Yes, I am keeping track. I have a color-coded spreadsheet on my desktop with what I’m working on, my goals in total numbers of blocks, and what I accomplish each month I just cannot keep it all in my head....  :-)

I am almost done with Cityscape, but it is in the process of some detailed quilting, which for this quilting hack is pretty tedious. Here is a picture of some of the progress.

I used a light gray on the front for the sky part (top 25 percent). Now I’m on to the other 75% (about halfway done) and am using black for that. Basically, I’m just tracing the major building shapes. The black border has been ditch stitched. I have no idea yet how the outer colored border will be quilted. but I’m thinking something angular and simple, like just quilting 1/4” inside each block. Any ideas??

Thanks for stopping by!

Cathy maroon


  1. diagonal lines look good on the inside, how would they look? LeeAnna

  2. Wow, that's a really productive purple month! Glad to know someone else uses spreadsheets--I thought I was the only one! Have fun with that lovely box of orange.

  3. Love all your purple blocks - especially the mama cat and kittens!

  4. Your blocks all look lovely! Your quilting on the cityscape is fantastic! I am far from a quilting expert, but I think your idea for the border squares would keep it simple, but dress it up at the same time. I like the idea!

  5. 56 blocks. Fifty six blocks!!! Oh my goodness. (goes away muttering about how Cathy can find all those extra hours in the day that seem to elude me.....)

  6. FABULOUS selection of ORANGE scraps!! You are making good progress on your Cityscapes Quilt. I'll be looking forward to seeing it completed.

  7. With that pile of great orange scraps, I can't wait to see how you top your March block count. I am a spreadsheet lover too. I just put together a spreadsheet of my UFOS with columns to track each step of completion. We'll see if it helps me get some more finishes this year.

  8. What a productive purple and yellow month. Some lovely orange fabrics to play with in April. Great city scape quilt in the works.

  9. March was a very productive month. I am sure April also will be. Beautiful oranges for working and have fun.

  10. The Cityscape is looking amazing. I love it plain, but am drooling over the stitching you are doing.

    I have ALWAYS loved orange. Seems funny to admit it because when asked my favorite color I usually respond teal and coral. But really Orange is truly one of my MOST favorites...I just like it a little better with a touch of pink mixed in so that's where the Coral come in. I'm going to love watching what you do with those orange pieces.

    xx, Carol

  11. I can't wait to see what you come up with from that pile of orange scraps! Hmm, had not thought of applying the spreadsheet process to my quilting projects - I usually just make written lists. Something to think about!

  12. You do need a spreadsheet! For my 5 to 6 blocks a month (true count) I use a list on my Notes, but put cute little imos?for each, like ⛵️ for my boat blocks, and a pretty 🌺 When I finish the month to reward myself, like in first grade. You will do lots with that great orange pile.

  13. Wow, I knew each week you have had a lot to show, but when you put all the blocks together, all I can say is WOW!! Looks like you sew like a "madwoman" very month!!! I love that cityscape panel!

  14. Your orange scraps look delicious! And your cityscape is really wonderful with a great border. For quilting the about carrying out the building shapes. Alternatively you could quilt rays similar to what you have happening in the sky.


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