Thursday, April 14, 2016

Finish-Along Goals for 2nd Quarter 2016

As the deadline looms, I better get my rear in gear and list my Finish-Along Goals for Q2 of this year.  Because they are all quilts, I am going to keep the list short and realistic.  Here we go.

1.   Cityscape Quilt.  This one is a digital cityscape print from Hoffman Fabrics that I have bordered with black. A second border in graduated colors surrounds that. It is currently in the process of being quilted by me on my Bernina 550QE.  So far I have completed the rays of sun and light.  I hope to finish this one later in the month.

2.   This is Shane’s Magic Carpet.  I made another quilt for my son Shane last year here, but it was rather small. He would love something bed-sized. He is an artist and picked these colors (THAT was a process) and I bought them at end-of-year Kona Cotton sales. I will gift it to him on his birthday, June 30, which also happens to be the end of the quarter....

3.   Aria (by Benartex) Quilt.  Yes, if you have seen any of my past lists, you will see that this one has been on it for several quarters.  But this is the quarter I will actually work on it. In fact, after I finish the Cityscape quilt, this one is actually next up before Shane’s quilt, above.  I enlisted hubby’s help to select a pattern, as this will be a bed quilt for us.  Our bedroom is decorated totally in neutrals, so I can switch up the bedcovers as I please. So fun!!

4.  Finally, a log cabin quilt. This one is actually a pie-in-the-sky wish for this quarter and will likely not happen unless I develop insomnia or they invent a 28 hour day. It seems I usually spend the first two weeks of every month stitching my blocks for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge, the Sugar Block Club and the Splendid Sampler. But I love the `I Love Log Cabins` book, and fell in love with the cover quilt. In fact, I had so many of the same fabrics in my stash, and have been dying to do another Log Cabin since I finished up Rainbow Orbs. So, this one is in the queue.

Collage of my Quarter 2 Project Goals:

It’s not too late - you have until the 16th (Saturday) at 11pm EST to link up if you would like to join us. Regardless, why not check it out - lots of great plans and eye candy to rev you up!  The link in the sidebar is clickable. There are several hosts this year and I vary between She Can Quilt and Clover and Violet.

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  1. As usual, I'm scraping my jaw off the floor at the sheer magnitude of what you do!


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