Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Choosing a Color of the Year: Pre-Announcement Chatter

It is always with a lot of fanfare that Pantone announces its Color of the Year. And you can bet that I am registered for the Webinar tomorrow to watch it!

The Spring 2016 palette has been out a couple months, and can be seen below.  The actual color of the year is chosen from this palette. On the Pantone website, you can look at each color to see which designers are using it in their 2016 collections.

The color of the year is not a Commandment, as some people think.  It is a reflection of what designers and reporters from all design-related industries have seen being used, or “trending". It is a prediction based on lots of information-gathering and is always changing. Hence, a new palette every season (twice a year).  Often, if a color grabs hold, you will see it go from clothing/fabrics to home decorating and design, and often into others areas - homes, logos, etc.

2015’s Color was Marsala, a wine-brown. And while there was a lot of grumbling at first, it is easy to see NOW - a year later - that brown has been making a comeback in color choices. There are a lot more fabrics with a brown family color way. Brown leather is hot in boots and furniture. And there are a lot more browns offered in winter clothing this year. A warming trend.

If the warming trend continues, I predict that Buttercup may be the color of the year. However, I am guessing that it may be Snorkel Blue.  In my opinion (which is worth the paper it is printed on - HA!) Rose quartz, Lilac Gray and Serenity are close contenders.

After the seminar, I will do an announcement post.  In the meantime, which color is your favorite???

Cathy maroon


  1. My vote would be Snorkel Blue - but only because blue is my favourite colour. Second choice would be Iced Coffee - but that one is only because I love iced coffee. Real great reasoning there, don't you think?

  2. MA!! That's how some pick a race horse!! I'm hoping for Serenity. Love that shade of blue. So using MA's method, I pick Serenity because I recite the Serenity Prayer when I need a reminder.

    Can't wait to see what Pantone picks.
    HO HO HO

  3. Lovely colors but too pastel for my tastes.


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