Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Work in Progress Wednesday

I am currently working on a commission quilt/wall hanging for a woman in Park City who has, during this long process, become a friend. This has been one of the most delightful projects I have ever worked on, and as the process draws to a close, I am simultaneously excited to see the finished project and sad that it will soon be over.

This will be a cream-on-cream wall hanging comprised of 20 8-inch blocks.  My client is giving this to her mother for Christmas, and we used her wedding dress that I salvaged from remnants of the dress and another strange wedding quilt (that someone else had tried to make. It had the entire bodice as the central piece and looked as though someone was coming through the quilt...... enough said). 

Every block contains a piece of the wedding dress fabric, and much of the lace is from the wedding dress as well. The recipient (my client’s mother) was a florist, so there are lots of lace, silk ribbon and other flowers throughout. The marquis shape of the center medallion echoes the shape of the lace pieces from the dress that are scattered throughout. There is even one entire sleeve cuff on the right side (to the right of central medallion). The central portion is all ribbon flowers (or yo-yos). I still need to add in a stem and some leaves. there will also be some seamwork below it. Lots of the blank-looking areas will be covered (as will many seams) by lacy little doilies or other lace motifs from the wedding dress.  Plus I will need to re-check that everything along the seam lines is secure after trimming/sewing the blocks. 

The back will contain a dedication with a picture of the wedding couple printed on silk.  I should be able to finish it this weekend or early next week. 

While I`m working on this, I am also working on a couple sewn Christmas gifts, which I will reveal at a later date. 

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  1. This is going to going to be gorgeous! I really like it.
    My best to you and yours over the holiday season too!

  2. Oh, wow! What a wonderful gift this will be. No doubt happy tears will be shed, receiving such a meaningful beauty. Beautiful work!

  3. Absolutely stunning and I love it!!! Talk about a labour of love. It will be an amazing gift!

  4. Good to see no-one's stepping out of this version, that just sounds weird!

  5. I had forgotten about this project. It is looking fabulous. Reminds me of all the wedding dress blocks we did for breast cancer. This will be an heirloom I hope.

  6. I have seen this work with my own eyes and I must say that Miss Cathy has reached the pinnacle of stitchery. So elegant, classy, and the term regal comes to mind; I was simply blown away by this plethora of beauty. My, my, My Dear, job well done!! Your mother would be proud.

    Hugs from Utah,

  7. What a beautiful project Cathy...hope all is well with you and your lovely family...have a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  8. So pretty!!! I love cream on cream! I hate that feeling of sadness when you finish but it really is a happy moment too! LOL

  9. It's beautiful, Cathy. I hope there will be some really "close up" closeups. I would love to see some detail.

  10. Such a beautiful quilt. Can't wait to see it all finished.


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