Monday, December 15, 2014

Kahlua and Cream-on-Cream

I thought that title was rather clever, for me. No, I am not drinking Kahlua and cream.  But I will explain.

The cream-on-cream refers to the wedding crazy quilt I am still working on.  Currently (as in yesterday, today and tomorrow) I am basting the quilt and a layer of thin batting to a false muslin back.  Hand quilting, actually, with large stitches.  It doesn’t show on the front, and it is just boring stitching on the back, so there are no pictures. But if that bothers you, raise your hand. . . .  Yeah, that’s what I thought. So, we will move on.

Yesterday my cousins Carrie and Kim (who are my age; I am actually their aunt by marriage)  came over for our regular Sunday “Sewing Day”.  Carrie’s daughter Jenny plus Kim’s granddaughter Trinity also came. I helped Trini finish her sewn Scottie Dog (no picture of hers, in peach and white). But that is all the sewing we did.  Oh, I know. I can show you the scottie I finished for my daughter Megan.  It`s an old vintage patchwork pattern from the Forties....

But getting back to “Sewing Day”.  It was actually Making Kahlua Day.  We made a quadruple batch (to divide up for 4 families).  Jenny shared this picture on her Facebook page and captioned it  “I hope we have enough...”.  One of her friends wrote back, “For what? An army?"

Oh yes, we take our Kahlua very seriously.  
Our Kahlua efforts. .  in any jar we could find !

Now we will need to soak off some of the old bottle labels so we can cover them with printed Kahlua labels.

Well, Bruce is home... so I am going to go upstairs to greet him. Then pour myself a Kahlua and eggnog.  Mmmmmm.... try it!

Cathy maroon


  1. How fun!! We can't drink at my house. Terry takes RA meds that are hard on his liver so when he started them 30+ years ago, he had to promise that he would not take even a drop of alcohol. I of course support that by abstaining too. I could sure go for an Amaretto and coke! Or Tia Maria on the rocks. You got my mouth watering ~lol~
    Merry Christmas

  2. Our neighbour makes her own kahlua too and came to the door this afternoon with a bottle for us. Guess I'll be having some in my coffee for awhile!

  3. Hi Cathy. Sounds like your life is full and going well.
    Can't wait to see the quilt. Some of my favorite color combinations-almost Monochromatic.
    Wishing you a wonderful New year.


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