Saturday, October 19, 2013

Victorian Ladies Round Robin

This round robin finished a few months ago, but I am just now getting around to posting the pictures.  

The blocks I sent out all contained a silk image of a Victorian woman in some activity - walking, reading, playing piano, etc.   The ladies were each given a piece of vintage lace and the silkie with the block and told they could place them as they preferred.  What lovely blocks I got back!  Five of the six were completed, with the sixth one waiting for me to complete it.  I plan to do a wall hanging for our bedroom.

I asked for low volume color - nothing too dark or loud - as my bedroom is in shades of cream and gold.

Block stitched by Connie

Block stitched by Gerry H

Block stitched by Hideko

Block stitched by Lisa A

Block stitched by Rengin
As you can see, they are exquisite.  I still have the lavender block (below) to stitch myself

And then there is the work I did for others in this round robin.  I already posted the work I did for Gerry here, the work I did for Connie here, and the work I did for Lisa here.  Now finally, here are the remaining contributions I stitched.
Cathy`s work for Rengin

Cathy’s work for Hideko

So that catches me up on completed round robins as far as blogging goes.  I have current RRs and some Angel work that I did, plus I hope to finish up my CQ Journal Project piece before the turn of the NEXT century.  Ha!

Also, I have given my new stitching studio a test drive, and I LOVE it.  I still have some shelves to organize before I take pictures, but I hope to do that this coming week.  Next couple days are devoted to getting out some custom orders for my Etsy shop.

But I will leave you with a picture of Darla and Alfie - doing what they do best; resting.  Of course, they are also amazing at running and playing, cuddling, eating, pooping, and thundering through the house at 3 a.m.  What would we do without our furkids?

Alfie (Alfalfa) and Darla

Cathy maroon


  1. Wow, what a lot of work has gone into those blocks! And to think a friend of mine and I were moaning the other day about bee blocks that took 4-5 hours!

  2. Wonderful blocks! Your wallhanging will be spectacular.

  3. Gorgeous blocks - you will have something to treasure once you put them all together, and it will mean even more because the blocks were created by your friends.

  4. You and your gals do wonderful work. It is a pleasure just to browse thru them.



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