Thursday, October 31, 2013

A Generous Friend, Thrifting Treasure and a Sneak Peek

Yes, I know I could post each of the topics in my post heading separately, LOL. But as I work through all the stuff I want to share from the last couple  few  several  NINE months that I didn’t blog, it seems as though it would be cheating to devote a post to each one. Like I suddenly became some sort of super blogger, which I definitely am NOT.  So, you may be seeing these mish-mash-type posts for awhile.

And speaking of my studio (OK, I wasn’t speaking about my studio, but I did have to change subjects), I have to snap some pictures to show you the remodel. First I will have to clean it up though, as it has been put to good use and there is STUFF all over it already.  But I will get to that soon enough. I’ll even have before and after pictures. For now, you will have to settle for one little tease picture.

This is my fancy thread storage. Using the idea that Gerry borrowed from Judith Baker Montano, among others, I bought the old coffee cup rack - a very sturdy one in a lovely light color -  and mounted it on the wall.  I also purchased some rings from eCanyons, a place that Gerry recommended (and now, so do I). While my friend Diane was here visiting from Canada after the CQI Retreat in Colorado last month, we spent a couple hours one evening hanging my couching fibers. I have another dozen or so rings onto which I will eventually add other fibers - my perles, floss, etc. But I wanted to get this riot of color up so I could enjoy looking at it!  And doesn’t it look great with that GORGEOUS pin cushion I won in our CQ Crazy Gift game at the retreat? It was made of wool by my friend Ingrid who lives in California.  I gave it a place of honor in the studio, but have not yet stuck a pin in it!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Every couple weeks, my friend Bev and Susan (whom some of you know from the CQI Retreats) and I get together to either stitch, go thrifting or work on my Etsy stuff. They are so generous to help with their time when we need to be preparing or packaging inventory, and in the process I am teaching them a bit about how Etsy works.  But I digress.

For our last get-together, it was Susan`s birthday.  I just gave her a stash bag of CQ goodies and a card, but Bev went all out and really made something spine-tingly wonderful. I think it’s gorgeous.  She took a print of two little girls and hand-pieced it into a block with a real primitive, Victorian feel.  Then she stitched gold to “tie” them together and framed it.  The caption reads, “Best Friends are tied together with Love”.  

Bev`s gift for Susan

And then, thinking I might feel left out (or more likely, just being the sweet and generous person she is), Bev made me a little gift, too.  Those are REAL leaves that she stitched. They have gold veins and a bit of needlelace on them.  I love autumn and STILL haven’t put any decorations up this year - except this one.  And I treasure it.  Thank you, Bev!

Real Leaves, stitched
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

The week after we returned home from the Crazy Quilting International Retreat, Bev, Susan and I went thrifting, along with Diane (who was visiting as I mentioned above).  We all found some wonderful things, especially since at this time of year the stores gear up for Halloween by putting out their funny, outrageous, vintage and otherwise bling-y clothes. Lots of people go costume shopping in thrift stores, which I think is a smart idea.  One of our particular favorite things is looking for highly embellished gowns or Indian saris and clothes that we can raid for beads, sequins, gold purl, etc.

And we were not disappointed!  However, I scored a real find when I found this obi for $3 mixed in with the housewares - curtains, tablecloths, etc.  Isn’t it lovely?  Now, I don’t know much about obis, but I bet this is not a valuable vintage find of any type.  In fact, the back and front are the same, so it is not even lined in anything like silk.  But it is a wonderful feast for the eyes - the print, the colors.  I have it laid out on my old sewing chair in my stitching room (another sneak peek, I guess).   There is no label on it, but since it is not handmade, nor do we make obis in the US, my guess is that it is, at the very least, from Japan.  Or, on second thought, China.  (???)  Is there anyone who could venture a guess about this?

I think I’ll close this post for now.  Although I have a lot more things to share, I think that three things in one post is enough mish-mashing.  And tonight is Halloween, by the way, so we will be Monster Mashing!  Bruce and I always watch Young Frankenstein while the kids are coming to the door for treats.  I think we know all the dialog by heart, and use it all year long.

“Hump? What hump?”
“Walk this way!  No.... THIS way!”
“Put the candle BACK!”

Cathy maroon


  1. I too just love looking at my thread on rings....but it will take forever to get them all up. But I'm finding that I'm using a much wider variety of colors now that it is on rings... Glad you mentioned the source for rings. Thanks.. Ger

  2. Lol, hope you enjoyed the film! You've reminded me though, we have some fab Indian fabric shops over on the south side that I always mean to stop at when I drive past, but they're always closed (probably because I drive past at night usually ;o) ) One day I should really make it over there...

  3. I can't imagine stitching on real leaves - wow!

  4. Those threads look wonderful displayed on the rings and rack! Maybe........
    Wonderful gifts created by your friend.

  5. Obi's are definitely Japanese - they are used to tie around your tummy over a kimono (I know because my Japanese penpal brought me one when she came to visit, and showed me how to tie it).
    We get a lot of people coming into our opshop for fancy dress parties. Including men! We had a busload of guys last month, who bought up all the ugly and crazy womens' clothes that nobody in their right mind would have bought. They were going to a drag night or something...the mind boggles!

  6. CatKiz, So go stick a pin in it already, LOL! I am so happy that you like n chose my "Needle Cushion" and was able to "keep it!". Yup, embroidery needles is what it was meant for when I made it over at the Piecemakers here in S.Cal. Of course you can keep pins in it too, but the original idea was for it to hold, in each little wedge section, the different type n sizes of needles that you have or will use in your stitch projects. The idea is to pre-thread a few needles ahead of time. A better plan would be to pre-thread the colors of threads or silk ribbons, in the proper size needles, that your next project will need. This way you don't have to stop and re-thread every time you come to the end of a thread.. Surely everyones peev of stitching?.. This way, you just keep on stitchin! Great idea, Right!? It really looks marvelous next to your fancy threads there.
    Luv n Hugs ~Ing

  7. I remember choosing the package from Ing at the retreat. i remember owning that pincushion for .... oh 5 minutes, mayb? I remember not being too happy when you stole it from me...good thing that fall I took down the stairs destroyed my short term memory for the last 2 months. Otherwise...maybe I would still be mad at you ROFLOL! Enjoy in cgood health. I ended up with a beautiful CQ'd blue box and won't tell anyone where I have put it so you can't steal it too....ROFLOL! Shari (who wishes she could remembr whre it is soI could take a picture of it to blog and brag about)

  8. Hi Cathy-So great to see your blog again. Found it round about. Love the storage idea with the threads. Beautiful. Hope all is well. I will keep checking in.


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