Friday, January 20, 2012

Needlebook for a Friend

While staying at Susie’s house in California last week, Gerry and I were asked by Susie to stitch on a needle book she had pieced for herself. The fabric was a striped silk which was taken from a wonderful blouse that Susie had found at a thrift store.

Gerry started.  Here is her lovely work on the front.

My part was next. In taking the back, I tried to harmonize with Gerry’s work, yet “do my own thing”.

We all think it turned out nicely!  What do you think?

I got to babysit my granddaughter London today for the first time in a couple weeks. It was nice to get my “baby fix”, although at almost 2 ½ (next month), she is quite the toddler. And definitely a two-year-old. Ninety-five percent of the time, she is an angel. The other five percent is filling her imperative role as a toddler; to get her way.   But at least I can still make her laugh!

Eating an “orange” (a clementine)
Grammy, you’re so funny! (I was making fish faces)

See Food!  (seafood)

I have finished my January block for CQJP and the TAST weeks 1 and 2 stitches.  I will show those tomorrow.

Cathy maroon


  1. What a doll. Just my favorite age. Its hard to remember my daughter at 2 but I remember Corey. We had so much fun.
    xx, Carol

  2. Just beautiful,

    so is the needlecase.....


  3. Your work on Susie's needle book is exquisite!
    And oh, what a precious little happy face :) What a joy!

  4. Lovely!
    I like the folded lilac ribbon.
    I've never seen ribbon used like that.

  5. The needlebook is altogether too pretty to use! London is growing so fast - she is a little sweetie.

  6. London is just too cute for words and her 'Grammy love' just shines in her eyes. The needlebook is now a treasured keepsake ... what a great way to remember all the fun we had. Hope you find a fun use for the 'stash cutting' you took from the blouse. Then you'll have a memory too!
    Hugs .... SusieW

  7. I simply can not believe how London has grown. I did not think it pooible but she gets cuter all the time. What joy she must bring you. Your's and Gerry's work is the perfect compliment to one another.

  8. Beautiuflly done! I'm sure it will be treasured forever.

    OMG! Your grand daughter is just too cute - love the big smile - I cna just hear her laughing!

  9. You and Gerry did an amazing job! And London is just adorable!

  10. London is beautiful as ever! Your work on the needle book is beautiful as well! I love those copper elements in the silk ribbon embroidery...

  11. London is adorable!
    The needlebook is beautiful!


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