Monday, January 30, 2012

Canine Couture

Really, I am a cat person. But I have owned and loved many dogs in my life.  Currently, though,  Bruce and I live only with our furson (feline) Boomer these days.

My daughter Megan and her hubby Ron, however, have two female cats and two male dogs. On weekends, they love to take their dogs Chip and Charlie out to dog parks to let them run and play.

This year, after Christmas, Megan asked me if I would make “the boys” some fleece coats for the anticipated (but still to arrive) annual frigid winter temperatures. Meg gave me their measurements, and we shopped for a pattern and fleece. Yesterday, Sunday, they came over for a “fitting”.

Charlie (lab and border collie mix) and Chip (shepherd and ?? mix)

Charlie has silky fur and and dignified demeanor

Chip is as wacky (look at those ears!) and playful as he looks

Chip models his coat, below.  Somewhere along the way, the measurements must have been wrong, because Chip’s coat needs to be shortened from neck to tail. There will be a red belt that will go around him and meet (with Velcro hook and loop tape) under his chest.  The part under he neck is just pinned, too; we needed to see where that Velcro placement would be.

Charlie’s fit him better, but we still need to do all the velcro placements and add the belt.

DH Bruce and DSIL Ron just humored us, but Ron did admit that the dogs do need something to keep them warm outside.

So, a few little tweaks to the coats this afternoon and the granddogs will have their coats. And then I will begin my CQJP February block and color-washing some laces.  Stay tuned!

Cathy maroon


  1. Aww...your doggies look gorgeous!! Love those coats!!

  2. Aren't they adorable!!!? I love their new coats, and they don't look to disappointed themselves!

  3. Those turned out very well....I really need to make my sweet boys a coat....

  4. Lucky doggies to have such handsome coats!

  5. These gentlemen look very smart in their new coats! :)))
    My westies wear coats too, when temperatures go bellow -10C.

  6. The granddogs look handsome and quite proud of their new attire.


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