Friday, December 30, 2011

2011 Goal Review

Wow, am I glad this year is almost over! It’s sure been one crazy ride, hasn’t it? Too many disasters, too many lives lost - and that’s just my cooking!!! Seriously,  the roller coaster of disasters starting in March with the Japan earthquake and tsunami, the Turkey earthquake, Hurricane Irene, flooding, fires, tornadoes. Whew! Many people lost their lives, still others lost jobs (DH among them), others lost their homes or their savings. But have no fear! The Fat Cats keep getting richer!  But I digress…

Next year, 2012, will be easier. Simpler. With that in mind, I have set no new goals or resolutions for myself to tick off. But since 2011 is drawing to a close, I may as well wrap up this year’s look at what I accomplished with my goals for this year.

1.  Goal:  Participate in 3-4 CQ round robins.   100% complete.

2.  Goal:  Piece my “CQ by 2012” quilt and have half of seamwork done.
Progress:  This morphed into the CQJP for 2012, which is now pieced. Half of the seamwork? Well, since we haven’t even started CQJP yet, I will give myself 50% on this one.

3.  Goal:  Enter at least 2 CQ or quilting competitions.
Progress: 50%  I did one.

4.  Teach a CQ class locally.
Progress:  0%.  I decided I didn’t want to pursue this in 2011.

5.  Goal:  Attend 3 CQ retreats or gatherings.
Progress: 100%.  CQ Adventure (Connecticut, April), CQI Retreat (Colorado, September) and Victorian Stitchery Retreat (Kansas, November).

6.  Goal:  Take a class with Carole Samples
Progress: It was awesome!  100%.

7.  Goal:  Finish or give away at least 3 UFO’s.
Progress:  100%. This was done at mid-year.

8.  Goal:  Finish Seascape Valance.
Progress: Um…. I hope to work on it this winter. Did some seamwork, though.  20%

9.  Goal:  De-stash.
Progress: 100%. Progress detailed last October.

10.  Goal:  Sew a quilt for granddaughter London.
Progress:  I did one cheater quilt, hated it, and gave it to Goodwill. Will try again in 2012. 50%

11.  Goal:  Ramp up Etsy presence.
Progress:   100%.  I still plan to expand my fabrics, patterns and vintage linens sections more, but the laces and trims have been doing great - better than I had hoped for!

12.  Goal:  Begin reselling vintage things. Rolled into #11.

13.  Goal:  Conduct a local sew-for-charity event. 100%.

14.  Goal:  400 blog posts. 0%
       Goal:  Contests/tutorials:  100%
       Goal:  250 followers.  100%.   

       Total for Item #14, 67%.

Overall rating:  Approximately 80% of my goals were accomplished.  I’m happy with that.

And if truth be told, I have created a few more UFO’s during the year…. 

Half-done Journal Cover. I am actually still working on this one.
Potential Boho Purse…. stuff gathered, drooled on, then put away until next Spring.

Until next time,
Cathy maroon


  1. Gosh, I like the heart in this picture.

    I remember when you posted your goals for the year...I thought WHEW! How's she gonna do all that!

    Here's to a very productive, healthy and peaceful 2012.

  2. I agree with Deb, a very successful year indeed! 80% - not too shabby.... Happy New Year Cathy!

  3. A great year, Cathy...and 2012 will be even better! Love to you and yours in 2012... ;-)


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