Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Free E-Book of Sewing Tips

I subscribe to a fun newsletter and monthly e-magazine called Bustle & Sew.   Helen, the proprietress, has the most wonderful embroidery patterns, along with knitting patterns, applique, and so much more. Everything is so cheery and whimsical. Purely delightful!

This past summer she put out a call for readers to submit a sewing tip or hint to be included in an e-book.  It was published last week, and my tip is included, so I am happy about that.  I see that my friend Shari Jensen also has a tip in it.  The book is entitled Top Tips for Stitchers.

The book is free to download, and Helen gave us permission to promote it on our blogs.  The link to the Bustle and Sew blog is here.   You can read the book here, or download a pdf copy here.

My guess is that you will become a fan of Bustle and Sew too!

Cathy maroon


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