Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Crazy Quilts for the Cure

In celebration of National Breast Cancer Awareness month, Crazy Quilting International has listed three quilts for sale on Ebay.  Ninety percent (90%) of the proceeds will to to the Susan G. Komen Foundation; the rest is just to cover administrative and material costs.

These quilts were assembled from blocks stitched with love by the members of CQI (an online Yahoo group for crazy quilters; see link on my sidebar).   Leslie Ehrlich did the assembly, binding and backing.

Golden Crazy Quilt for the Cure:

Crazy Quilt for the Cure:

Another Crazy Quilt for the Cure:

A Tribute to Mother Breast Cancer Wall Hanging:
At this point, they all have at least one bid on them, so they will all sell.  But I would like to challenge you all to dig deep and if you can afford to, make a bid on one of these lovely pieces!  (I have, and I have my fingers crossed!).


Cathy maroon


  1. Way to go Cathy! I see a couple more bids now on them. Good luck getting the one you are hoping for!

  2. I bid on two hoping to get one for my mom but was outbid....now rethinking for Christmas.....hope you got one!

  3. Hey friend...when will you auction/sell the chocolate one you outbid me on in Omaha???!!! I'll be the first to bid!


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