Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Catching Up

At Wheeler Farm where I work (for one more week), we got a call from a guy (sorry I don`t know enough to give proper credit) who bought the largest pumpkin grown in Utah this year.  That would be the bottom pumpkin in the photo below.  He also bought two other huge ones, and made this pumpkin snowman in front of his house.  Pretty cool, eh?  Well, he is donating it to Wheeler Farm, and they were setting it up today (think cranes, bobcat loaders). I hope to get some more pictures of it in situ at the Farm. 

If the bales of straw don`t help you appreciate the scale, notice the can of coke sitting near the stem of the middle pumpkin. The snowman is over 10 feet tall!  It will be placed inside our pumpkin patch and hay maze compound where people who come to enjoy the fall festivities there can have a photo opportunity!

* * * * * * *

Late flowers from my garden. The leaves are falling quickly now, and we had our first COLD north wind today. Hang on, autumn, HANG ON!!

* * * * * * * *

My Facebook page has a couple photos on it of Bruce and I with our new granddaughter Remi (short for Remington).   Bruce`s daughter Stacy and her husband now have a boy (Hunter, age 2 ½) and Remi.  His other daughter Emily and her hubby are in town visiting for about 10 days. Their children are Deacon (3 ½) and Abbie (turning 2 this week).  We will see everyone at a birthday party this weekend for Abbie, so we will get lots of updated Grandkid pictures. Fair warning!  LOL

In the meantime, we still tend DGD London every Tuesday. My son Shane had a “challenging” morning with her before he dropped her off.  Not unlike a typical 2-year-old, she first got some maple syrup in her clean hair, then INSISTED on dressing herself.

She looked like a little waif when she arrived:

Fugitive from the Fashion Police

So, I plopped her into the bathtub, which is easy-peasy if you say the word “Bubbles”.  We washed her and her hair, played with bubbles and gave each other Bubble Kisses, and just generally had a fun time.

Dressed with a new outfit from Grammy, plus a hair bow. Things are looking up! 

 A clean new “mommy”, London tucks her “baby” into its crib.

The next couple pictures are blurry (she never holds still), but I wanted you to see how darling and curly her hair is when it dries.

She will probably hate those natural curls as a teenager, but at least for now, she`s my darling little Babycakes!

* * * * * * * *

And finally, check out my Etsy (link on sidebar).  I have added some new Christmas-themed venice lace appliques.  I am having trouble keeping the shop stocked, which is a good thing.  Sales are good, and I am grateful. Thank you to those of you who stop by!  :-)

And in my next photo session (as soon as I clear up the lace mess, LOL), I will get pictures of some of my current CQ projects and estate sale finds.  Must make room in the studio, which I THINK is still there, buried under piles of fabric, lace, holiday decorations, supplies.  *sigh*.  I need a maid!

Cathy maroon


  1. My oldest daughter would love the snowman as she collects them.....congrats on new grand......and London is adorable as ever......hope you are doing well my friend...

  2. Wow Cathy! That pumpkin snow man is awesome!!! Would love to see that in person!! Your grand daughter is just adorable and I love her curls!

  3. What a pretty little granddaughter you have! So so sweet! She sure has curly hair and yes she will probably want straight her all of her youth, just like I wanted it, but now I wouldn't want to miss my natural curls for the world, so there is hope for her maybe, lol. I can imagine how happy she makes you, just playing around with the bubbles and everything. I Love the flowers from your garden! Beautiful roses! I have roses that are similar like those orange/pink ones. Don't you just adore that color! Anyway, enjoy the happy things around you!!

  4. You are SURROUNDED by little ones!! What wealth you have!

  5. Wow, they sure grow big pumpkins in Utah!

    London is such a doll. Glad you are going to spend some time with your other little ones. I miss my grandsons when they were that age. They are still my babies, but I miss those terrible twos. They were such fun.
    xx, Carol

  6. Hello Cathy,

    London is so adorable. And I love her curls too. Being a granny is so wonderful, hey???

    The pumpkins are incredibly huge much bigger than our big one at our small town Pumpkin Festival.

    I look forward to seeing more pics soon. Hugs Judy

  7. Oh, what a sweetheart your DGD is! So cute too! When looking at the pumpkin snowman...just kept thinking...that's a lot of pumpkin pies! Hugs!

  8. If I lived nearby, I would apply for the job as your maid - ha ha!!

  9. Personally, I give your DGD kudos for not being afraid to make her own fashion statement, young as she is. Good for her! I hope her sense of style and freedom of expression stays with her all of her days!

    Have a great time at the party :-)

    Now the pumpkin on the other hand - is wicked, creepy, and dangerous looking! LOL. Good luck getting that thing moved in 'one' piece.

    BTW, maybe you should have given him a Diet Coke instead - HA,Ha,Ha.

    Sorry, that's my mood today. Hugs.

  10. The pumpkins are HUGE! They just dwarf those hay bales! You are only at Wheeler for another week??? Retiring?
    Pics are great - London is adorable!
    Congrats on a new grandson too!
    Have a great day Cat!

  11. I'm catching up too! And I want to offer my congratulations on your new grand daughter. I love the photos of London, I can imagine the good bubbly time she would have in the bathtub.
    Hugs from Di


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