Thursday, July 21, 2011

Lost Quilts

It’s something we always have in the back of our minds when we send off a piece of our work.  What if it gets lost? Goes missing? Is stolen or otherwise unaccounted for?  This is always a sad occurrence, but when your loss is a world-recognized award-winning quilt, into which you put your heart and soul (to say nothing of the expense) AND it is the quilt that graces your very own book cover, well... words fall short.

This week C&T Publishing announced in a press release here that three quilts and a table runner have gone missing from the Spring Quilt Market that was held in May here in Salt Lake City.  As a crazy quilter, I am of course, particularly distraught that among those quilts was Allison Aller’s jewel, Crazy in the Garden.

It is mortifying that this could not only happen in our quilting world, but that it actually did happen here in Salt Lake City.  It is not known (or at least is not known by the general public) whether the quilts were  stolen at the venue, “acquired” by someone in the packing and shipping process, or lost in the mails.

Many quilters are posting these pictures on their blogs, and they have also been listed in the Lost Quilts website.  Everyone seems to be stunned, frustrated, angry, and saddened.  Condolences are being offered all around, as we needleworkers all understand their loss.

Since many of my readers are Utahns, I would like to appeal to you to keep yours eyes open as you are out and about locally at quilting or needlework shops or quilt gatherings and the like.

Perhaps with all of us working together, spreading the word and being additional sets of vigilant eyes, these lost quilts can find their way home.   We quilters - traditional and crazy - are practiced at working together toward a common goal.  Our politicians could take a lesson from us.

Cathy maroon


  1. Oh no! Those quilts are absolutely stunning and it's heartbreaking to know they aren't where they should be :(

  2. All I know is that when people do bad things, it comes back to haunt them in one way or another.
    I am so sorry this misfortune happened to these ladies.After all their beautiful work...I bet the organisers feel horrible too.I'd hate that happening to me as an organiser.People will lose trust in them.A sad business all round!

  3. Cathy, that is awful. Surely nobody could have openly walked off with any of those during the show? Maybe somebody was helping one of the exhibitors pack up their work and packed away one or more of the missing ones by mistake. You can only hope it was a genuine mistake. I know whenever I've posted even a small hand crafted item, I worry about it until I know the recipient has received it. I do hope these missing quilts all turn up sooner or later to be handed back to their owners. My hubby has had two motorcycles and a car stolen from him in his lifetime. He says he must have run over a whole village of Chinamen to deserve such bad luck..
    BTW, did you get a little parcel from me recently?


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