Friday, January 14, 2011

Tea Time Finished!

It has been awhile (over ten days) since I blogged because I’ve been “down for the count” with a nasty viral bug that has hit.  My DGD London gave it to me (if Grammy here could just refrain from kissing her all the time, I might not have succumbed!)   It seems to get a bit better, then the air quality in the Salt Lake Valley goes to hell in a handbasket.  Every year, the valley suffers through temperature inversions, where the warmer air aloft traps (like a blanket) the colder air down in the valley.  All the yuck and muck from auto exhausts and fireplaces get trapped too, until you cannot see the mountains.  Really.  And if you want to know how close the mountains are, check out my first January post!  Breathing that air is not healthy, so we try to stay indoors until the next storm blows it through.

Anyway, my flu ebbs and flows with the clean and dirty air.  Finally lost my voice totally on Wednesday and took most of the week off work.

But when I feel well enough, I’ve been stitching.  As you may remember, the top of Tea Time was finished.  I’ve now added the sashing, backing, a bit of quilting, a beaded bottom edging, a pleated rod pocket, and a label.  IT IS DONE!

Tea Time - Finished!

Upper Right, when resurrected from UFO pile

Upper Right, complete

Upper Left, when resurrected from UFO pile

Upper Left, complete

 After most of the piecing fixes were done

Complete top before finish work

This will go to Crazy Quilting International to be auctioned off on Ebay.  Proceeds will go to Breast Cancer Research.

I also have an old wool quilt top (see post here) from my UFO pile that I’ve donated to CQI for auction. In this case, the proceeds will go to the scholarship fund of the ICQA (International Crazy Quilters Association).  And that, I believe, knocks off two of my UFO’s for 2011!  One more to go, but then I have 11 1/2 months left, LOL.

I’ll have more stitching to show you in a day or two.  Take care!

Cathy maroon


  1. Lovely finish! Hope it does well in the auction.

  2. That is truly gorgeous! How good of you to donate all that work for breast cancer research. My mom's a survivor, so thank you very much! Karla

  3. Oh Cathy, it is absolutely sensational!! It leaves my Teacup CQ block looking utterly unfinished! I just wish I would be able to bid for it on eBay, but I've sworn off eBay since I went on a pension, because we just don't have enough money for me to splurge as I wish any more. Blessings on you for donating the funds you raise to charity.
    One of our Aussie bloggers is auctioning some of her own quilted projects to raise funds for the victims of the terrible floods here in Queensland, and I've put a bid in for the quilt, knowing that I will be outbid for sure, but at least I was able to participate.

  4. Hello Cathy, I absolutely love your Tea Time patchwork quilt. All the crochet, silk ribbon, and vintage doilies are stunning on it. your beading is fantastic too. You inspire to get back to stitching. Hugs Judy


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