Saturday, January 22, 2011

My Dyeing Day

I was going to make all sorts of cracks about dyeing (vs dying), but let’s just pretend I did (insert polite laugh here) and move on.  :-)

My dyeing day was actually just an afternoon of dyeing laces with potassium permanganate.  It’s time to restock my Etsy shop with these “Golden Laces" and prepare some to sell at the CQ Adventure vendor evening.  I also hope to overdye some of them with a light color wash as I did here.

The potassium permanganate (PP) turns the rayon laces a lovely golden color.  When dried and then ironed, the sheen is stunning.

Not all rayons are created equal, however, and each one will take the dyes differently.  Another factor in the final color is the length of the soak in the PP.  That collar that turned out darker below was soaked longer.  It is almost bronze-y (is that a word?) when dried and ironed.

I also did some cottons and “mystery” laces (fiber content unknown), with varying degrees of success.  Synthetics don’t take the dye at all.  I had one “rayon” that, no matter how long it was soaked, would not take much of the PP.  It took just enough to see a difference in the before and after, and have a nice luster when ironed.

The cottons take the PP just like a tea dye.  Shades of brown, but not nearly as interesting or elegant as the potassium permanganate laces.

I hope to begin listing these in my Etsy shop next week, so keep an eye out.  If you see something you’d be interested in beforehand, feel free to contact me.

Have a wonderful weekend!  I’m off to stitch!
Cathy maroon


  1. Ooooh-aaaah! I'm using antique-looking laces in my daughter's wedding scrapbook. Those frames look especially interesting, how big are they?
    I'd also be interested in learning how to dye with potassium permanganate.
    'Love the post and it's title! Karla

  2. My first time here, I think. I found you thru Faith,Grace,& Crafts
    I also do crazy quilting and collect old lace..I have never tried to dye any so this really caught my attention, I'm with Karla
    I'de like to know more about P.P. dye??? Have my coffee in hand and I'm off to read some of your old posts. BE BLESSED.

  3. I too love using PP to dye with. I think it is so funny how such a beautiful color purple dye bath can turn things such a lovely rich gold.

  4. Dyeing is on my list of things to do before I'm dying. Sorry, I copied your play on words. I would love to know how to do the dyeing as well...with anything! Thanks for visiting today. My day has improved, but I don't think it will ever improve enough to win the big one. Have a great week. Connie

  5. Hi Cathy! What a beautiful blog you have. I love your crazy quilt work!! I will definently be stopping by wheeler farms when the weather gets nice for my FTF! Thanks for the suggestion.

  6. The laces turned out so pretty Cathy! When I saw them, I had to go dig out the ones I got from you in Omaha and fondle them lol....

  7. Wow, what a lace collection! So beautiful!


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