Sunday, April 18, 2010

Operation Pillowcase

One of my online friends, Debra Spincic, began a project and blog called Operation Pillowcase.  You can check it out here.    In March, I suggested at work (Wheeler Farm) that perhaps we might like to get involved with this project.  After all, our director is a Lt. Colonel in the U.S. Army and is still in active reserve.   Besides, a charitable project and Our Troops are a great way to bring people together!   The idea was met enthusiastically, and last week we met to construct pillowcases for our troops serving in Afghanistan.

L-R: Debbie, Kyrna, Cathy (me), Mike (in beret), Lt. Col. Hollis Robison, Wendy

Wendy laughs as Kyrna irons.  Danica watches Cathy sewing.

Cathy shows Danica and her mom Erin about matching fabrics for the pillowcases.

Debbie & Mike (husband & wife, parents of Kyrna in first picture).  Background: Joyce works matching and cutting fabric for the pillowcases.

First box of 25 pillowcases.  We actually finished 37.  I'll probably make three more to round it to 40 total.  Then we can split it into 2 boxes and send some of the collected supplies along.

This is a just a handful of the colorful pillowcases we made. 

Many employees who had to miss this event for one reason or another, plus the volunteers who did participate, have asked that we do it again.  So..... we're gearing up for another night of fun and sewing in the second half of June! 

If you're looking for a worthwhile project, check out Operation Pillowcase.  Even if you just construct a pillowcase or two yourself, or donate cotton fabric, it's all good!  We're all in this together!



  1. Good for you Cathy! I have signed up for a free class in the city in a couple weeks on how to make pillowcases, the cost of the class is the first pillowcase you make. They go to ... you guessed it.... Operation Pillowcase! Your friend had an idea that has spread like wildfire! My lqs has pledged 3000 pillowcases that will be given locally to charities such as Big Brothers and Sisters, cancer kids, etc.

  2. You sure had some beautiful fabrics to make the pillowcases with! I have made many for our local St Vincent dePaul homeless shelter. They were so appreciated! I'm sure the kids there with you will have many good memories!

  3. Hello Cathy, Great Project and you certain were all very productive. I am sure our men and woman overseas will appreciate them. I made a fleece pillow case and Tied fleece blanket for our grandson who left for Afghanistan a few weeks ago. Hugs Judy


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