Friday, October 16, 2009

New Street, New Bedroom

For two and a half months, we've been dealing with the city putting in new water lines on our street. In addition, they decided (and we certainly appreciate) that they would replace our curbs and driveway approaches, and then pave the street. They started at the first of August and finished yesterday. HOORAY!!! This was taken from my front yard looking east. The trees to the right of the orange tree (about the center of the picture) are at Wheeler Farm, where I work. That gives you an idea of how close it is. And isn't the orange construction marker they left behind festive??? LOL The city still has to restore the parkways on the street. We're going to pull up the grass and do some xeriscaping & stonework in ours.

And this summer I redecorated the master bedroom, which was long overdue. In fact, other than the laundry room and one downstairs bedroom that now functions as part of my studio, we've remodeled or redecorated everything in this house since we bought it six years ago.

Our bedroom had (dingy) white walls and ceiling, shag carpet (white with multi-colored specs that was stained and grungy), a pink floral wallpaper border (barely visible in the background in the picture of my cat Boomer in the suitcase here), vertical blinds, and a poster bed that took up the entire room. I hated it.

First we got rid of the poster bed, then we ordered new carpet and wood blinds. While waiting for them, we repainted. I also found a great new bedding set - an oversized comforter with shams and dust ruffle, yadda yadda. That cool mirror over the bed was purchased at the same estate sale that I got my treadle sewing machine at. Finally, we bought a new dresser. I wanted one on legs because there is a heating vent on the wall it goes along.

I hung a CQ wallhanging (the one I bid for at the Crazy Quilting retreat in Omaha last July) on the short wall between the door and the closet. It's a little sparse there, but I really wanted to keep the room uncluttered. I used a neutral color pallette. It's very relaxing and makes the room feel so much larger!

I've got a couple interesting picture frames in white - and I'm looking for 3 more frames or interesting shelves) for a white collage on another wall. But that's the kind of thing you can't force - it just has to evolve as you find just THE right pieces, LOL. When it finally comes together, I'll take a picture.


  1. So pretty! What paint and color did you use? I'm always so scared of creams because I once used one that was too fleshy colored and I hated it so I've been gun shy to try again! LOL

  2. You just know that I had to pick that time to go to the bathroom and this little wallhanging was won by you. I think Carol and I both wanted it so just as well. Might have lost a friend or two.

    You have done a lot of work on your home and now you can sit back and enjoy and get some sewing done.
    Great job.



  3. What a beautiful and restful room...and your streetview, with the mountains and the sunshine! Looks so incredibly pleasant....glad that construction is done too!


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