Monday, October 5, 2009

CQI Retreat

The only way I'm going to get this blogged is to do it in segments like some of the other ladies in our group have done. And since many of you have seen their posts, I'll keep the narration to a minimum. But I must say it was a BLAST, and all the ladies were so fun and enjoyable. It was a great 4 days of sharing, learning, laughing and solidifying friendships.

Leslie and Claudina test out the tire swing on the hill above our rented house.

Theresa smiles from the kitchen. Picture taken from upstairs landing that looked out over the living room and kitchen.

In our Chinese Auction, Debbie Q won this cute stuffed CQ penguin pincushion made by Gerry H. Isn't it cute? There were several of us who had nice presents stolen away from us and had to keep re-picking other gifts. But we all ended up with something wonderful.

This is Kerry, who won Leslie's coveted stitched Santa. Notice that smug look. In fact....

Here she is, doing the Happy Dance! Yes, the picture is blurry. I'm here to tell you that Kerry was really shakin' her BOOTY!!

View from upstairs looking down the stairs.

I know, I know. Pictures of people are way more interesting than pictures of Things. But since no one has shown the sleeping arrangements, I'd like to share with you the Bunk Room, where the troublemakers.... er, I mean, Connie, Gerry K, Diane & Debbie slept. Connie's bed is further right, out of the picture.
This is where Kerry and I slept. Note that our pillows are at the FOOT of the bed. We are, after all, CRAZY quilters, hehe. (Hint: it may have something to do with our C-PAP's) Hmm.... I do notice my personal Happy Trees pillow at the head of the bed, but pay no attention to that.

Well, must get to bed for now. Will post more pictures - candids, stash, projects and scenery tomorrow.


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  1. Cathy... What a wonderful way to spend 4 days... sounds, and looks like, you had bags of fun. Looking forward to the next installment. Hugs.


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