Sunday, February 15, 2009

I'm Baaaaaaaack!

Wow!! What a refreshing trip it was! Sooooooooo nice to get away from the snow and cold of a Utah mountain winter and bask in the warm and sunny temperatures (mid sixties to mid seventies) of Southern Arizona. We stayed in a mobile home owned by Bruce's brother Dennis (who owns the Tubac Trailer Tether) in Tubac, AZ. He keeps the mobile home for visiting family members, so we have all the amenities.

Every year, Tubac hosts their annual Festival of the Arts, and this was the 50th anniversary. We arrived several days before and stayed several days after the Festival, which itself lasted about 5 days. So much good stuff to see! Over the next several posts, I'm going to include pictures of our trip and adventures. And I'll share pictures of some of the goodies I snagged, too, LOL!! But first - when I got home, I had a wonderful surprise. My peacock block finally returned from the Peacock Round Robin I participated in last year on the Yahoo group Crazy Quilting International. The last person in the rotation was a bit slow, plus had some personal issues, so the delay was inevitable. But, it was definitely worth the wait.

This was the naked block I pieced and sent out. You can see how it just "blossomed"!! The work was done by Susan M., Cheryl, Wendy and Andrea.

I'll make it into a small wall hanging to go into my peacock bathroom (the main guest bathroom). It's already decorated in deep purple, teal and other assorted peacock-y colors, but I thought that I'd switch the dark palette to a lighter one (medium to light purples, lighter greens, blues and teals) during the spring and summer. I already have towels in both dark and light colorways, so all I have to do is switch out my "winter peacock" wallhanging! :-)

The work in this one was done by myself, Pearle Gray Mintz, Dorothy Matheson, Debbie Coon, Barb Babb, Jakkie Lease, Jennie Adcock, and Candji Buckohr.

And finally, my dear FurSon BOOMER, knew something was up when the suitcases came out for packing for vacation. He does not like it when Mommy goes away, and here he's telling me he wants to go along. Look at that sad face!!

But he was much happier when we returned as you can see below, where Daddy snapped a picture of His Contented Highness on my lap.

Until next time,



Anonymous said...

Welcome back! I'm so glad the weather wasn't at its worst for you. The area around Tubac is some of the prettiest southern AZ has to offer! I love your block that came back. That silk ribbon vine is just lovely.

Heather said...

Welcome back Cathy.... glad you had a wonderful relaxing holiday.

I love your peacock blocks - very nice to have two colorways to switch to for the seasons.

I believe all our little "FurKids" hate when Mummy leaves them at home... they have a great way of making us feel awfully guilty when they know we are taking off - but their unconditional love soon forgives our absence once we return home and their little world is once again as it should be. :-)