Friday, February 20, 2009

100 Posts Drawing & More Pictures

As I was preparing pictures for this post, I looked at my blogger dashboard and realized that this is my 98th post! Well, we all know that 100 posts is a real milestone. So I want to celebrate it with you, whether you're a regular or casual reader. To that end, I'm going to have a drawing.

So here's the deal (it's the usual .....) leave a comment on THIS post (#98) or NEXT post (#99) or the post after that (#100) and I'll enter your name into the drawing. If you mention my drawing on your blog and link back here (please let me know), I'll add your name an additional time. So, you could have your name entered up to six times!

What will you win? Well, that's the million dollar question, isn't it??? Um......... I'm not sure yet, LOL!!! What I'm going to do is gather a bunch of STUFF and
include a picture on my next post. I assume that most of you are fiber artists of some sort and that the majority of you are CQ'ers. Whether you are or not, most of us have some sort of fondness for fabrics and related goodies. So, this prize package will include fabric pieces (the gamut from silk to cotton), laces (contemporary and vintage), silkie prints (images printed on fabric), buttons, beads, and whatever else I come up with. I'll have a core package pre-made, but will allow some room to tailor it to whomever actually wins. That way I can accommodate YOUR favorite color, theme, interest , or whatever. Sound good??? Let the celebration commence!!

And here we go with more pictures from our Tubac, Arizona vacation. My very favorite store is Galileo Antiques. I've been going there 3-4 years - ever since they opened. The owners are Gail and Leo (hence the name the selected for the store!). Their shop is actually a shop and residence where they live for half the year (fall through spring). The other half of the time they own and operate another antique store in Minnesota (spring through fall). In between, they drive back and forth, seeking and buying for the stores. What a great lifestyle!!
Above is part of their front area. See that blue chair? My parents had several of those (originals!) when I was growing up. We had red, yellow and green. I'd love to get a couple for our patio. Below is some of their outdoor items displayed in the covered breezeway (beyond the arch in the previous picture).
When you walk into their shop, you step first into the kitchen where all the kitchen items are displayed (that works out pretty nifty, eh?). See the modern refrigerator? It's there because it IS their own refrigerator. They just clear off the stove area to cook, and clear off the table to eat, etc. So, when they close the store at 5:00, they are HOME! Nice commute!
The rest of the store proceeds in the same manner (there's a TV in the fireplace, LOL, and the bathroom is off limits!). But I got so excited to see Gail and Leo and catch up on things that I forgot to snap any more pictures. But let me share with you some of the goodies I got.

Isn't that a lovely beaded purse? A detail shot is below. I got lots of buttons, too. Not that I needed them, but they're always fun to share. And the hankie's trim was so delightful that I had to bring it home.
I'd love to try beading these flowers and leaves on something! Right..... in my *spare* time....

And then there was this cute little apron for a half a song and three pieces of vintage silverware. I've seen the forks bent into little picture stands or decorated with flowers and ribbons, so I may try that some day. And the knife has a hollow handle. While on vacation, I saw a vendor who had taken these knife handles and made them into little posy holders for a single rose or blossom. Delightful!

Gail also has an exquisite and extensive collection of vintage linens. The thing is, hers are all so beautiful, clean and pressed - much too nice to use as I would want - as cutters for incorporating into CQ and other projects. I bought
several other things, including a vintage Caithness paperweight, but I'll share that sometime later when I share some of my paperweight collection with you.

I was going to include some more yummy shop and exterior pictures, but this post is long enough for today. Shall we get together tomorrow??



  1. Hello Cathy, Congratulation on nearing your 100th post. Neat. I love the photos of the antique shop and the treasures you bought. The beaded purse is gorgeous. Hugs Judy

  2. I love giveaways. I even won one once. I'd love to win your. I check your site everyday, and have for some time now.
    Amber Rutz

  3. Oooooh.....oooooh....ooooh.... "goodies".... oooooh..... oooooh.... ooooooh...(elbows sticking out pushing everyone out of the way).... let me be the first in line for this draw... I would love to win this draw, VBG.... I need to win this draw, LOL! (living in the boonies does now allow one to purchase lovely goodies for CQ... and with what I see of Cathy's yummies.... well.... ) - I'll add it to my blog.

    Your pictures are wonderful, looks like you had an absolutely marvelous holiday...

    I just love the little purse... in your spare time when you make the little flowers.... make a couple extra for me, LOL!

  4. Please add me to the drawing Cathy!
    I love that little beaded purse too. You found lots of wonderful stash goodies. Fixing to go add your link to my blog.

  5. Cathy, I sure like the pictures of your travel.It is like if it was me being there.I visit your blog often.You have such beautiful items.I see you acquired some nice things.The purse reminds me of the one that I have,it is silver beading.I like the CQ blog in red that I saw earlier on.I go often to look at your blog.

  6. Congratulations Cathy at being so close to your 100 post! YAHOO! i would love to be entered into your drawing, please who could not wish and hope to win crazy quilting items.

    By the way I live the white beaded purse. It will make a great project.

    Again! Congratulations on a very great blog site:)


  7. Just wanted you to know I put a link on my site for your great achievement. I hope it will help generate more comments

    wait..... do I want more comments, if there were no others I would win.....hmmmm.

    That would be no fun, so the link is there! Enjoy your weekend Cathy!

  8. Pick me! Pick me!!! oh great - my ENTER key is stuck again...hope this is not a bad sign :)

    Now...what are we winning??

    (Reminds me of the Hobbit line in Fellowship of the Ring...after they get themselves on the scariest mission of all time one asks, "Where are we going?" ;)

  9. This is my first visit to your blog. Congratulations on the 100 posts. I enjoyed looking at your work. The red/white block is adorable, too bad your daughter changed her mind. I like the needlebook you made back in December and the pillow you worked on while DH is sick. I din't get the change to read the whole story, but hope he is doing well.

  10. Very nice blog and lovely vintage items from the shop in AZ.

  11. Happy 98th! I'll be glad to mention your blog on mine. You've set the bar very high...thanks for that.

  12. It's me again. Just posted about you (and Betty) on my blog.

  13. I just love your work and have followed your blog a long time 100 already wow

  14. Hi Cathy,
    please enter me in the drawing...a surprise CQ package is the best kind to win :-)

  15. OOOH! I'm first??? Throw my name in that hat!
    Janet in Colorado

  16. Congratulations on 100 post! It is always fun to stop by and visit. I love all the goodies you found.

  17. I found a red beaded purse at Goodwill. It.s not quite as cute as yours, but I like it. Please enter me in your drawing.

  18. Congratulations on nearing your 100th post! I am not a CQ'er, but I am a tatter and a CQ'er wannabe!!! I need a pretty place to put my tatted bits, right? So, I'd love to be entered in your fabulous giveaway because if I was lucky enough to win it would help me get started! :)

  19. Awesome pics of the vacation Cathy and you can never have enough buttons......congrats on your 100th post....

  20. Congratulations Cathy on pushing 100! You look way to young to have blogged so long, LOL! Please enter my name in your anniversary giveaway.

  21. Congratulations Cathy on nearing your 100th post. I would love to be entered in your drawing, and I mentioned it on my blog this morning

  22. Congrats on your 100th.. Good for you. Love your post. Started reading it a few weeks ago. keep your posts coming. Looking for many many more
    PS love givaways too. Double bonus.
    I am just learning crazy quilting.I do traditional quilts
    Hugs Susan

  23. Like you, I love antique shopping and finding things from my childhood - well being older than dirt maybe it was my 2nd childhood, lol. Congrats on your 100th blog coming up. I will add this to my blog today. Would love to see how your final goodie bag ends up being put together....hope I win it so I can see it. :-)Shari

  24. Cathy:

    What a beautiful beaded purse. All of the treasures you found are fantastic and I love looking at the pics. Congrats on nearing the 100 mark.


  25. Cathy, Congratulation on reaching hour 100th post. I love looking at everyone's blog. I tried to create my own, but failed. I need to pay a kid to do it for me. LOL You have a lovely blog and I will be adding it to my listing I follow. Best wishes, Jeannette

  26. Cathy, You look like you had a good time on your trip - I've linked your drawing to my blog.

  27. Congratulations on your 100tb post!
    Your work is beautiful.

  28. Congratulations! 100 blogs is quite a milestone. I would love to be entered in the draw, there are loads of great goodies to win.

  29. Hi Cathy, I wrote a few minutes ago, and now I have a link from my blog to yours.

  30. I was looking through your treasures and I can't help but appreciate how a simple hankie when added with a lace trim can change everything. It is lovely. It'll be a nice gift then.

    A once store-bought hankie can turn out to be a lovely and sentimental gift after all (like during christening perhaps?).

    Crafts/Gifts (that I can make) for newborns somehow sparks my interest lately. 2 of my dear friends have just given birth and the other one is due next month!

  31. Wow! 3 days ago, my sister told me to take a look at your blog, I came and there was no comments, now there are so many, I have no blog and did not have a google account, hence no comment could be left. Following my sister Heathers blog, I realize to have a look at other peoples blog and leave comments, I needed an identity. Anyway, my sis was right, your blog is fun with beautiful CQ blocks, I will begin my 1st today... I hope. I see there is another world out there with CQ, blogs and so on!! Keep up the good work!

  32. I love the photos of Arizona and the treasure you bought. Please enter me in your 100th post drawing, and I will post about it on my blog. Thanks.

  33. How wonderful! Congratulations on your 100th post! That purse is just too cute!

  34. Hi Cathy!

    Please include me in your giveaway.
    Here's the link to my blog about your 100th blog goodies:



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