Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Unique Contest

Near the beginning of my blogging life (that would be earlier this year), I posted a picture that evoked a comment from Dana of Unique Christening Gowns in Australia. We've kept up with each other's postings over the months. Dana sews the most gorgeous christening/baptismal gowns and blogs the process. As crazy quilters, art quilters, fiber or mixed media artists, or whatever, most of us love to see each others' works. We draw inspiration from the ideas of others and appreciate the work and talent that goes into our own chosen medium(s). I can promise that you'll feel the same way about Dana's gowns.

Check out Dana's blog at http://uniquechristeninggowns.blogspot.com/
She is having a christening gown giveaway. The winner will pay shipping charges, which is only fair, but it is noteworthy. The gowns, however, are to die for, so WHAT A DEAL!. The picture above (posted with permission) shows one of her many lovely creations. Go check it out!

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  1. Hello Cathy, thank you for placing my giveaway link on your blog ! I appriciate it. Good Luck in the draw ! Dana

    p.s.I haven't stopped blogging- my feed has been playing up !


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