Monday, November 3, 2008

Chili Recipe - REALLY Different!

My friend Karen South shared her chili recipe several days ago, and has invited us to share our own recipes and link back to her. I've seen several others posting their recipes, and this has become a fun thing for many of us. So, I thought I'd join the fun. And it HAS been fun whipping up my recipe for you.....

I am not (and have never been) a fan of chili. My most vivid chili memory is the time I was 7 years old and Mom served chili for dinner. I hated it and could not eat it. But Mom was determined that I would, so a battle of wills ensued. I was not allowed to leave the table until my bowl of chili was done. I tried. I gagged. I sat there until bedtime without eating it. I WON!! I went to bed hungry, but Mom never tried to get me to eat it again.

Unfortunately, there are other poor souls in my life (DH comes to mind), who enjoy chili. Not wanting to deprive them of their somewhat questionable choice of food, I have come up with a tried-and-true chili recipe for those of us who live with Chili People. It’s worth every step.

(an original recipe by Cathy Kizerian)

  1. Put shoes on.
  2. Grab purse and keys.
  3. Trip over cat as you head for the door.
  4. Get in car and carefully back out of the driveway.
  5. Head toward main thoroughfare a block away. Stop at corner and signal for left turn.
  6. Wait while everyone south of the Canadian border decides they need to get home via this street, blocking your left turn.
  7. When a reasonable clearing appears, shoot the gap!
  8. Refrain from flipping the bird to the guy on the cell phone who just honked at you.
  9. Drive to Del Taco.
  10. Get in drive-through and order 3 Chicken Soft Tacos.
  11. Retrieve necessary change from wallet. And console. And under the seat.
  12. Grab tacos, pay and leave, grateful they won’t remember you tomorrow.
  13. Return home by retracing your route.
  14. Park car and grab tacos and purse.
  15. In the house, watch out for cats underfoot.
  16. Trip on shoelaces.
  17. Open cupboard and grab a can of Hormel Chili.
  18. Slop it into bowl and nuke it for 2 minutes.
  19. Call DH in for dinner and set bowl of chili in front of him.
  20. Enjoy your own Chicken Soft Tacos!


  1. Cathy thank you for a good laugh this morning. While I can't imagine anyone not liking chili you have come up with a good solution! Thanks for playing along and I'll added your name to the chili pot.

  2. You'd starve to death at my house in the winter, girl! We have chili about once a week. That's regular red chili. Then I also make a green chili that we love. We are a spicy family I guess.

  3. What a great laugh! Even though we love chili -- and spicy chili at that, your solution is brilliant and so resourceful. And funny!

  4. This is my first drop-in visit at your blog. I enjoyed the chuckle, and hope to visit again!


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