Monday, November 10, 2008

Fun Weekend

On Sunday, my DS Ryan (age 30) and his fiance Kim came over with the family for dinner. Kim's two children Easton (10) and Lauren (4) will soon be our "grands"!! Joining us for dinner were Kim's two (adopted) sisters, Carly (10) and Caitlyn (12).

I was ready to entertain the kids, and we made snowmen from empty (and clean) creamer bottles. There were markers, sequins and buttons, fabrics (for scarves) and a few other things for them to use as decorations. This was a good activity last summer when I was the arts & crafts counselor at Wheeler Farm's summer camp (we studied holidays one week and did this for our Christmas craft).

Here are Lauren and Caitlyn (front) and Carly and Easton in back.

We ate dinner, and then the kids drew and colored pictures, then played dress-up with the big box of fabrics and costumes I've accumulated over the last year. Kim brought me a large plastic bag (the zippered kind that beadspreads come in) full of fabric samples that her employer was going to throw away. She works as a decorator/display designer for R.C. Willey Co., where my son Ryan is an electronics salesman (that's how they met). WOW. Most of these are gorgeous and good weights for crazy quilting or pillow backs. It was like an early Christmas!

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  1. What a treasure you have there! Good DIL to be to think of you and take such good care of you!


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