Friday, April 20, 2018

Following the Yellow Block Road

It’s been another busy week here. Our weather has varied from snow one day to rain to high sixties (F) all in the same week. We’re supposed to get into the mid-seventies for a couple days next week. I can’t wait! Bruce has the garden beds all tilled, mulched and the drip irrigation about ready to go. We will likely plant at least the early stuff in the coming few days. The more tender things will have to wait 2-3 more weeks.

This week I finished up my yellow blocks for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge (visit our link-up at Angela’s blog, HERE) by stitching 12 - 6.5” (unfinished) quarter log cabins:

Six 6.5” crumb blocks:

And four blocks (also 6.5” unfinished) that will go into the All You Need is Love quilt:

And I finished quilting Geese Migration!! This pattern is by Cynthia Brunz, and it is so much fun! Geese Migration finished at 52x64”. I quilted it with loops, and when it was washed, the texture was just amazing!  I think the gray sets the colors off really well. This quilt is #3 on my Finish-Along goals for the 2018 Quarter Two, which you can read about HERE.  By the way, those columns really are vertical - that bump near the top left area is the quilt holder’s head or some other body part. Sheesh, it’s hard to get good help these days, hahaha.

Geese Migration is my final quilt finish for Hands2Help. All my quilts will be going to Emily at Happy Chemo up in Centerville. We weren’t able to meet up last week because she was traveling to teach, but I’m hoping we can get together this coming week. I really don’t want to have to mail 5 quilts. Anyway here is the back. It’s a combination of a spring green batik that I bought last year (but not enough, obviously), along with a Tula Pink remnant for the sides.

Cousin Kim was over last week to sew, as usual. The week before I had quilted her latest quilt for her and then she sewed on the binding. This fabric was a layer cake of something that we both bought from Missouri Star Quilt Company about a year ago unbeknownst to the other. I have a different pattern planned for mine, but I love how her pattern shows off the lovely prints and colors.

We auditioned several backs, but we both agreed that this old vintage sheet was the cutest, softest and overall best.  Kim is keeping this quilt for herself. Congrats on a great finish!

And I have been working on my April OMG project. The goal is to get the top of Bruce’s guitar quilt all cut out, placed and fused. This is where I am after a couple short work sessions on it:

There are more parts to add to what is here so far, as well as two more guitars that will expand the quilt out to the left of the green guitar. But it's progress! And other than struggling just a bit to get pieces to fit where they’re supposed to fit, I haven’t had any issues (so far, knock on wood) with reversing things. My brain is humming along in “drive" instead of neutral or reverse. One everything is in place, things will be tweaked and trimmed to make lines more flowing, etc. Then it will be properly fused and I’ll begin the buttonhole stitching around each piece. That ought to be a barrel of fun (do you hear the dripping sarcasm?)  But first things first. Since this piece, “Groovy Guitars” hasn’t earned my wrath this week, it is saved from Time Out. It's still on my design wall and will be getting more attention this week.

This week I also cut out most of what I need for the granddaughter-to-be’s new baby quilt. Bruce’s daughter Stacy, who is still due in early July, and her hubby have decided the new little girl will be named Evie. I love it! And Evie’s ABC quilt is started. I’ve trimmed up all the letters and other blocks (there will be 30 total). I pull out a block/letter randomly and sew the strips around them. These are the first two:

I’ll talk more about this project as it progresses over the next couple months..... if I can wait that long. If I had my way, I’d just sit down and do it all NOW, but I have the guitar quilt and the Love is All You Need quilt going on, too.

In personal news, my brother Steve is getting ready to move out next weekend. It’s been nine months (a couple more than I had planned), and hard at times, but we are all ready. His health (and health insurance) is under control, he sold his old truck and motorcycle and has a new(er) truck - reliable transportation. He’s got his social security and retirement benefits all settled and coming in, and he’s has been able to save a good chunk of money. So, he will be heading back to Arizona temporarily to seek out new digs and visit friends. When he’s got that finalized, he will be back to pack up his stuff (stored in one of our bedrooms and an outdoor shed) and his hotrod and make the official move. Bruce and I wish him well, but are looking forward to having our privacy back.

And that’s about it for now.


Louise said...

Wow, lots going on, Cathy! Your RSC blocks are looking very bright and sunny. I didn't realize they were all 6.5" so those log cabins are pretty teensy!

Congrats to both you and Kim for gorgeous finishes this week. You know I love your Geese Migration and her HRTs are super! That's a great pattern for a layer cake, I'll have to remember that one. Do you know offhand the size of her blocks? It looks like she used the skinny offcuts for the border, very efficient!

Groovy Guitars is really coming together nicely and I'm happy to hear it is no longer in timeout :) And the ABC baby quilt will be fantastic! Are you using scraps for the surrounding pieces? I seem to recall the panel has tons of nice colors in it.

And finally, best of luck to Steve. He's probably ready for a bit of independence, too and you'll all enjoy each other's company more in shorter doses. I don't think I could live with my brother for 9 days, much less 9 months :)

Mari said...

Your yellows are all so pretty! Geese Migration is lovely, too.

PaulaB quilts said...

Love your Geese Migration with the grey sashing. Congrats on the finish. I'm amazed at the guitar quilt. The latest part is so intricate. In my hands it would have been slashed up for scraps. Thanks for the yellow iris, Cathy. I haven't seen even a dandelion or daffodil yet, so it made my day.

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

You always get a lot done each week, and are so generous with your donation quilts! Someone is going to get a lot of comfort from Geese Migration - it's so pretty.
Glad your brother is ready to be on his own again - another example of your generosity. It can be a challenge to share your home with a relative for a week, let alone nine months!

sunny said...

My gosh! I always think I'm quite productive, but I can't begin to keep up with you. And I'm slowing down now that it's wildflower season. Like you, some warm days, and some cold days, but the flowers don't seem to mind too much.

Emily said...

I'm always impressed with how much you accomplish! I love the alphabet blocks and what I suspect are letters from a panel! How love, and prefect for Baby Evie!

Momma Bear said...

I've been lurking, Low these many months, watching your progress. I'm so impressed and so inspired! so much good eye candy and wonderful ideas for backings! Thank you for that BTW, I get stuck at the back and sometimes spend more $ on the back than is spent on the top!

Ivani said...

WOW Cathy you had a great week, so many beautiful blocks and quilts! Congrats! You rock!!

Julie in GA said...

You have so many great projects in the works. Your yellow blocks look great, and I love the Geese Migration quilt. Can't wait to see how the Groovy Guitars turn out.

scraphappy said...

The backing fabrics you chose for each quilt are just perfect. Such a great chance to use up lots of extras.

Angie said...

Wow - all that in just one week! I love how Geese Migration turned out; definitely keeping that block in mind for a future scrappy quilt. The guitars look amazing. I love how the batik fabrics give them a luminous look. Are you going to buttonhole stitch by hand or machine?

Sally Trude said...

I'm assuming there is a spreadsheet somewhere to keep track of all your projects. And Molly is very interested in sending her brother to Arizona too.

The Joyful Quilter said...

Geez, Cathy!! SEW much to comment on this week. Quilting, cousins, and personal excitement. Congrats! on all of it. I'm still waiting to "get my house back", but DS2 still has more healing to do. Congrats! to your brother on getting his "ducks in a row."

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

I love the focal fabric in the baby quilt. I'm not a yellow fan, but your yellow log cabin blocks are really pretty. I bought my grandson guitar socks (He plays base) but they made me think of you and Bruce. Would he wear cool socks? Terry would NEVER, lol.

Empty Nest again...ain't live grand!
xx, Carol

PaulaB quilts said...

P.S. On Antiques Roadshow tonight, from Green Bay, WI, there was a Gbson guitar that looked like the yellow one on your hubby,s quilt. I thought of you and hope you can finish it for him.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Re the buttonhole stitch around the guitars - does your sewing machine have a stitch that closely resembles it? Mine does, and I've used it in place of hand stitch before. Just a thought! Your Geese Migration quilt is a beauty - I love it! I'm sure you not only will be relieved to see your brother in his own place, but he will be as well.

felicity said...

Beautiful Geese Migration quilt - love the colours! Thanks for linking up to the FAL, on behalf of the global hosts.