Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Goal Setting for the Second Quarter

It’s time for me to set my quarterly goals for finishing up quilting-related projects. I’m going to pretend that Spring will really arrive one day and that the cold, rainy weather and blustery days will give ‘way to warmth, sunshine and flowers. But I’d be an ingrate if I did not acknowledge that Mother Nature has already blessed us with three - yes, only 3 - daffodils. Wha????? I planted at least 30 last fall..... Well, the tulips are poised to open any day now....

My list for the second quarter proposed finishes is relatively short. But even so, I know that with everything else going on in spring, I will be fortunate to finish just half of them. Anyway, I’m linking up to the 2nd Quarter 2018 Finish-Along Goal Setting linky

1.  Bruce’s Guitar Quilt

This quilt is also my One Monthly Goal (OMG) for April. But I’m advising everyone, Bruce included, not to hold their breath. I don’t even want to pull it out until I finish my yellow Rainbow Scrap Challenge blocks, probably next week. And that’s already half way through the month.

2. Baby Quilt for Stacy

Our daughter Stacy is expecting a baby girl at the beginning of July. Yay! I was hoping it was a girl, because I’ve had this ABC panel (Tamara Kate) for over a year, just waiting.

3.  Geese Migration

This is a Rainbow Scrap Challenge project. The pattern is by Cynthia Brunz. It’s a flimsy currently, but will be basted and quilted soon. Probably it’ll be my first finish of the quarter.

4.  All You Need is Love

I’ve used this picture before, but actually the quilt is well under way. It’s for my Beatle-loving daughter, who needs another quilt. Well, she has a Minky-backed winter quilt I made her about 3 years ago, so this will be an all-cotton alternate quilt. So “need” is appropriate, right?

5.   Lozenge Quilt in Orange

I’ve been working on this off and on for a couple years. Mostly I’ve just worked on it when the orange month for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge rolls around. But I’ve got all the orange rectangles (all 475 or so) cut out, as well as a majority of the white corner squares. Now I need to cut out the black corner squares and do some heavy chain piecing. But the priority is after the four above-listed quilts.

6-7.   Charity Quilts

I’ve been trying to add charity sewing to my quarterly output (whether listed as a goal or not) this year. I may as well list a couple of them here. The two I’ve selected are basically whole-cloth quilts that were selected by virtue of being on the top of the 12-quilt pile! LOL

Sorry for the lousy picture; the purple fabric is even shown wrong side up. I just match pieces of fabric, flannel, batting and keep a baby quilt-to-be pile going. These are all meant to be baby sized, from 36” square up to about 48x54”. They either go to a local church group, online charity drives, or the local Primary Children’s Hospital. 

And that’s it for me for the second quarter. Now, must get sewing......  Thanks for stoping by!


  1. Our daffs were very prolific this year, both at home and the new house. Other stuff, not so much. The flowering trees have been absolutely gorgeous in Middle TN this year. You never know.

    Sounds like you have an ambitious plan for the quarter; I have confidence you'll accomplish most of your goals!

  2. Daffodils? It was 25 degrees when I got up this morning and we rain southern Connecticut! I want spring! happy Sewing!

  3. A few green shoots, but not a flower in sight here--still way too cold...
    You have some lovely projects to finish...I am working on binding my last big quilt (have i said that before--the last one??hahaha)Anyway, will have a big de-stash after I'm done...hugs, Julierose

  4. Congrats on the expected granddaughter! And I absolutely love your fabric pull for the "All you need is love" quilt. Good luck this quarter!

  5. I love that ABC panel! That will make such a darling baby quilt. I think it's so great that you have fabric all ready to go to stitch up charity quilts like that :)

  6. My daffodils have been the same this spring - I had two for the longest time, then a couple more bloomed this week. The tulips are really happy, all of a sudden, blooming like crazy! I love all your projects - especially the Geese Migration quilt and the sweet panel for your grand baby. I was just playing with my RSC bowties again the other day - I'm up to 54 of them - it's a slow project, for sure! I'm also going to make lots more out of my multi-colored scraps - such a fun way to use them in a very scrappy quilt!

  7. Alas no sign of daffs or tulips (or anything else growing!) here. After a weekend of freezing rain, ice pellets and snow and more snow last night I think it will be awhile yet. Now I'm wandering off in quest of a place for a wee nap - because your list of to-do's just plain makes me exhausted.

  8. You have a lovely, varied list here. I love that you include some charity quilting in the mix. Good luck on your progress! Thank you for participating in the FAL, on behalf of the 2018 global FAL hosts.


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