Thursday, March 15, 2018

March OMG (One Monthly Goal) Finished!

I am thrilled to have this project out of the way, because not only do I meet my March OMG goal, but it clears up a lot of room in my studio.

My OMG for March was to finish 10-11 kennel quilts for donation to our local Best Friends Animal Shelter in Salt Lake City. With Darla and Alfie’s help, I managed to get them done by mid-month!

Here we have the first 5, the smallest ones. As you can see, the top side is made up of crumb blocks, tiny orphan blocks and other assorted parts from the Parts Department. The backings are usually a solid piece of matching cat-themed fabric. Or flannel.

And here are the six that are a bit larger:

Several of the backing fabrics were donated by friends (thank you!). The green with white stars is a cuddly flannel remnant. And here are all twelve, below, washed, dried and super soft and crinkly.  

This finish is not only my OMG for March, but is also goal #6 of my 2018 First Quarter Finish-Along Goals. You can see that list HERE. This finish completes all but one of my goals, and that last one - Bruce’s Guitar Quilt - will have to wait until April. But it will be a priority then. I hope. :-)


Magpie's Mumblings said...

There are some animals that will be ever so cozy cuddled up to their new quilts, for sure!

Sally Trude said...

Congratulations on starting ELEVEN quilts this month!

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Wouldn't it be wonderful if every single Rescue no longer had need of these quilts. These quilts are a nice accomplishment and March is not ever over!
xx, Carol

Cathy said...

Congrats on making goal! (and the little quilts).

Louise said...

Woo hoo! An early finish! That must feel so satisfying. And your kennel quilts are just so cute, too. I love seeing them all stacked together in a big pile of comfy kitty and puppy love :)

Pam @ Quilting Fun said...

Congratulations! A beautiful pile of quilts, love all the colours and variety of blocks!

Emily said...

What a great pile of quilts! Congrats on finishing your goal and finishing EARLY!