Saturday, July 1, 2017

June Recap and Happy July!

June was a great month, wasn’t it? It was yellow in the studio and yellow and sunshine-y outside. Once again I managed (this time by the skin of my teeth) to get my yellow sewing goals, kennel quilts and other personal donation quilt commitments done. No thanks go to Darla or Alfie, my feline supervisors. They were too busy enjoying the Cat Days of Summer, napping away in their favorite spots. Somehow, I managed without them. I think they may be getting ready for Pets on Quilts (see badge in sidebar).

The collage above shows my RSC blocks for June: 16 - 4.5” bowties; 1 crumb slab block  that was made into a kennel quilt (more on that in a minute); 4 - 8.5” crumb blocks to add to the ones I made last year; 2 selvage columns; 13 - 6.5” Friendship Stars; 2 Geese Migration blocks; 5 bookshelf blocks (which make one whole “shelf"); and 12 - 6.5” plus blocks. Total = 63.  Linking up to Angela’s Scrappy Saturday for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge participants.

My yellow crayon was already done from last year, so I made all the remaining crayon color blocks (4) and finished up the Color Me Crayon Quilt, which I wrote about Thursday, HERE. It is my first 2017 RSC finish.

I started another yellow project - a pineapple quilt - but only got most of it cut out. It will go into my third quarter goals for the Finish Along.  But I want to show you the great vintage sheet that cousin Kim found for me - it’s in the bottom of the picture below. Pineapples!  It’s going to be the backing and possibly the binding, too.

It was a mad dash over the last couple days to get the kennel quilts done this month. At the beginning of the month, before I started on the scrap blocks, I pieced about a half dozen of them. But then good ol’ Sally at The Objects of Design sent me some great selvages, and several of them had generous amounts of kitty fabric still on them. How could I not use those? So I pieced some more tops. Then there was my yellow crumb slab - another kennel quilt. I finally ended up with 12.

First, these three. In these I used the blocks and pieces and other black and white bits (see the animal print backing?) left over from a quilt I did for my brother-in-law last February.

I matched up Sally’s generous selvages with the last of my pink Laurel Burch kitty fabric to make two pink quilts.

Other leftover blocks (blue and some green) that were left over from my Rainbow Rails vintage sheet quilt were added to some blue strips of kitty fabric that I had leftover from the three kitty quilts I made last year for my granddaughters. By the way, if you can go back through my quilt gallery (link is just under the header) to refer to the quilts I’m talking about if you care to.

The fishy flannel, below, was a small piece I found in a thrift store for 69c, and it did a couple kennel quilt backs.

More kitty print fabric, a yellow scrappy backing and another great selvage from Sally.

Here is an out-of-focus close-up (sorry) of that paw-some selvage fabric. I’m surprised Molly let Sally send it.

And finally, the quilt made from the yellow crumb slab (both front and back) AND my favorite - a total hodgepodge of leftover scraps of cat fabric. Waste not, want not, right?

The color for July in the Rainbow Scrap Challenge is blue. I have a large drawerful of blue scraps. Along with my blue blocks this month, my goal is to make 2 pillow shams to cover either the 2 Euro-sized pillows or the two large rectangle pillows for our bed to match the Aria quilt I finished last fall.

My Weight Watchers is going well. I’ve pretty much learned the program and have settled in for the long haul. I had a very successful first weigh in (lost 4 pounds). Although I don’t plan on giving weekly updates (you’re welcome), I may mention my progress now and then.

One final thing. I added a “Subscribe by Email” widget to my sidebar, if that makes it easier for some of you.  :-)  And now...... back to sewing.

Cathy maroon


Monica said...

That is an impressive collection of yellow blocks! I think you had a good month. :D

LA Paylor said...

lol at "you're welcome" you sure got a lot done this month. When you see it all together it's pretty amazing right?

PaulaB quilts said...

As usual, an impressive collection of parts and finishes, Cathy. I'll have to ask my daughter about the kennel Ned's here. She and Sarah used to volunteer at the local shelter, then ended up with their own menagerie., including babysitting bunnies.

Pamela Arbour said...

What a wonderful collections of yellows and blocks! Thanks for sharing all of your pics.

Julierose said...

Lovely collage of your yellow works for June--I love them all...but your bookshelves have got to be my all time favorites...great success in June for you!! Hugs, Julierose

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

I love all your yellow goodness for June! It is definitely one of my favorite colors! Your kennel quilts are such a good idea. The Humane Society here is buidling a great big new facility - I wonder if they would be needing something like that. Good work on your diet plan, too! It's a good feeling to see success already! xo

Deb A said...

What a great amount of sewing you were allowed to do by those wonderful supervisors last month. I hope the cat naps allow more sewing this month. Glad you are succeeding on your program to get healthier. Those cat paws on the selvage.... awesome!

scraphappy said...

Busy month! You managed to finish off lots of great quilts and blocks. Love the yellow slab - such a free form splash of color.

The Joyful Quilter said...

SUCH a busy quilter!! Score one for Kim on that vintage sheet find. That will make an AWESOME backing for the yellow Pineappple quilt!! Fun way to carry the theme through to the back.

Alice said...

Congrats on all of your finishes. That really is a nice sunny collage! And also congrats on the weight loss. All things considered, you have had a seriously successful month!!

Sally Trude said...

I was trying to send you the whole house load of fabric, but that horrible hoarder came along, snipped off a few edges and sent you a tiny box. It's been a fast trip downhill ever since.



Nell's Quilts said...

Congratulations, 63 RSC yellow finishes - an impressive number. What a productive month!

claudia said...

I love all the yellow goodness you did in June. Now I have and yet another month to catch up on. Hopefully, things have quieted down here enough to allow me to get to sewing.
Lucky shelters getting all those cute little kennel quilts for their guests. (Lucky guests too)
I just have to get with it and follow your lead. You are just the fastest quilter around!!!

Magpie's Mumblings said...

You've obviously had another productive month - working with a colour I find difficult to use. Love those sweet little kitty faces (the cartoon looking ones).