Sunday, April 11, 2010

New Camera & Other Woes

My dear hubster bought us a new camera.  And he knows how to use it.  That makes one of us.  Unfortunately, the user manual is nowhere to be found (already!), and he's got the old camera somewhere in his laBORatory.  If you saw what THAT looks like, you'd understand why I won't tackle the camera issue until tomorrow after a good night's rest.

But I have not forgotten the Giveaway.  All the goodies are gathered, and I will (or DH will) snap pictures tomorrow, come hell or high water.   And I'll get the Giveaway going, too.

A brief recap of last week:  

1.  We went car shopping and bought a new car (Prius).   I love it, but it's unnerving to not hear the car running.  And I admit to being confused at first when I pushed the button to turn on the car and "nothing happened".  Duh.  All I had to do was put it in Drive and off it goes.  QUIETLY.  Now I understand the saying that "magic is just technology we don't understand".  This car is magic.

2.  Sold old car (Passat) to DD & DSIL.  Had to go to their bank with them so bank could inspect car.  Then had the state safety and emissions inspections done and rear brakes replaced.  Finally, had the car gassed, washed & the leather detailed.

3.  We babysat DGD London on Saturday.  All day.  She is the sweetest, happiest little 7-month old girl I've ever known.  She only cried once - when Grammy (that would be me) accidentally bumped her head.   She is very aware of her surroundings and anxious to play and participate in everything.  High energy; I'm glad she's not crawling (or walking or driving) yet.  And I finally admit that I'm too old to do this full-time.   I got some cute pictures, but they're on the old camera (the one in hiding). 

Haven't been out in my yard yet.  It's a first-class mess.  Despite me, there are tulips and daffodils blooming.  I'd take a picture, but.... see first paragraph.  I will get out there this week.  

I apologize for this boring, picture-less post, but it WILL get better.  Talk to you tomorrow! 



grbev said...

Go on line and look up your camera and you can download a manual to your computer. then you will know where it is!


Gina E. said...

LOL Cathy! Men are all the same. Ken doesn't look at instruction manuals for anything, whereas I'm the total opposite. In recent years with things so high-tech, he doesn't find it so easy to figure them out himself, so we have a few expensive computerised items lying around the house that have never been used (video camera) or used rarely.
Ken drives a Prius at work, and he had the same experience as you with the engine being so quiet, but he said once you get used to it, they are a dream to drive.

Leeann Hansen said...

Your husbands lab, sounds like my husbands office. We find things that we needed months ago when he tidys! Please add me into the giveaway draw. Take pity on me as I share my sewing room with my husband and his office.

shawkl said...

Camera woes are the worse! Mine started making a grinding noise 3 days ago...and I'm terrified that it will stop working any minute!

Hang in there!

Kathy (aka Shawkl)