Saturday, May 25, 2024

Running in Circles

Two steps forward and one step backward. (Or is that one step forward and two steps back?) Same old same old. Spinning my wheels. Pick your cliche’! Basically, those are all overused ways of saying what I’m feeling these days. Uninspired. Tired - of crappy weather, of too many errands, of a To-Do list that never seems to get shorter and never seems to produce anything when items do get checked off. I have too little time to sew and too little motivation (restlessness) when I do get time to sew. Is this old-lady-onset ADHD? I think I need a good day of sunshine, a nice stiff margarita, and a day with no obligations, LOL.

After a stormy day today, the weather is finally forecast to clear up and warm up as the long Memorial Day weekend unfolds. Our condo’s pool is opening on Monday, and I plan to take serious advantage of it this season. 

There actually has been some sewing going on here, along with all the many other things. I’m now officially on the HOA Board (as an alternate until November’s annual meeting), and Bruce and I are still waiting for the final kitchen remodel bid. But this week we did have a ceiling fan installed in the master bedroom and picked out paint colors and bedding for that room. Slow progress, but progress nonetheless. 

But let’s talk about May’s pink scraps. I managed to get 32 pink string blocks (finished size 6”) sewn over the last two weeks (I didn’t have a blog post last week), and added a couple dozen of the light neutral/white string blocks to make a scrappy string top. The light blocks were made last fall during my string frenzy. 

I think it will look better when it’s finished off with pink binding. The top measures 42x48”.

And I’ve also been working here and there on the Anne of Green Gables quilt. Here are the first two (of 5) rows up on my “design wall”. That’s just a plain wall in my sewing room and some painters tape. Sorry the lighting is so bad. It’s just been dark and gloomy weather lately…

My goal is to get the top finished this week and hopefully basted as well. I’d like to gift it to my friend Ann sometime in early June.

I have a few garden/courtyard pictures to share, even though there is no sunshine in them!

Everything in the Greenstalk planter has sprouted  - and needs to be thinned. There is alyssum in the top tier (not shown). Then there’s lettuce, carrots, basil and spinach (or is it spinach and then basil?) Whatever.

We also have a small tomato plant in the foreground pot and a rhubarb plant loving its life behind the pot. After the season, the rhubarb will be moved to another location so I can plant a rose there. It’s the sunniest spot in the courtyard. That is, when the sun deigns to make an appearance.

The rhubarb will eventually go in the area behind the serpent in the picture below. The rest of everything - a mix of annuals in the foreground and perennials along the back  - will fill in as time goes by. 

Here is the flowering almond bush that is on the outside of the gate to our courtyard. Its tiered flowers almost remind me of strings of garland on a Christmas tree. They smell heavenly. 

That’s about all I have for you this week, but at least it’s something. I’ll be sewing the rainy afternoon away today. We have no formal plans for the weekend yet, but that may change. See you next week, and thanks for dropping by!

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  1. My mother often used a saying 'the hurrier I go, the behinder I get' and I suspect you're feeling like that these days. We want to get things done and it's hard to be patient when it all seems to hinge on the whims of others. Take time to sew and sooth your soul!

  2. It sounds like you have jumped into condo living with both feet! A day with no obligations and some sun would probably help, too. I know I need those two things fairly frequently! Your pink string quilt is lovely, Cathy. Have a wonderful Saturday!

  3. It's no wonder you don't feel like you haven't progressed much with all of the remodeling-fix-up you had to do to your house in the months before selling and then jumping right into the same process in your new place. Maybe you need to have a "Cathy's Day" designated one day every week and say no to everything else (and I know how impossible that probably is). Here's hoping for a string of sunny days for you. And...I love the pink string quilt, like who doesn't love pink?

  4. I hear you in regards to not being inspired when you have the time, I have been feeling this ennui as well as the non-stop drizzle/rain/cloudy/cold. we have built a fire the last 4 days running just to keep it warm and chase some of the damp away. I try to counter my own blue mood by wearing the happiest brightest colors possible.

  5. For someone who feels she has little time and motivation your actions tell a different story. I'm impressed with the number of string blocks you not only made but assembled over a two week time frame. In between sewing you serve the HOA and are doing a fair amount of container and flower bed gardening. Everything looks great.

  6. Sounds like you've been a really busy person; your pink and off-white/tan string block pattern is really neat;)) Love it!! Your patio gardens are looking beautiful...
    Take some "time outs" for yourself--we don't want you burning out:)))) Hugs, Julierose

  7. I agree with the other posters! You certainly seem to have gotten some things accomplished in your “two steps forward, one step back”. I’ve had the blahs myself. I know the sun will help and some consistently warmer weather. I wish I could get down on my knees to plant. All mine will have to be in pots again this year! Love your pots!

  8. You've had a lot going on over the last year or so, and been so busy, busy busy. Hope things get more calm and peaceful for you. Love that pink string quilt, it's really pretty.

  9. As long as we're using cliches, just remember, "This too, shall pass". You still get a lot done, even if you feel you haven't been productive. And just wait until the kitchen is torn apart. You'll really have something to compalin about then. Chin up, things will get better.

  10. Loving the pink strippy top already! I wish I could move in the same circles as you :-D Seems like a fun group. Hugs.

  11. I know it's been a process getting settled into the new house but, from where I'm sitting, you've made a lot of progress. Long stretches of gloom are hard to get through. Hoping for bright, beautiful sunshine for you!

  12. Good for you for being willing to serve on the HOA board! Each week brings settling-in progress. Any calls from the purchasers of your house or are they presumably finding all to their liking? Are there quiltmakers in the new neighborhood?

  13. There's a LOT on your plate, Cathy, so try to give yourself a break. Your PINK sewing and your courtyard gardens look lovely!


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