Saturday, August 6, 2022

It Feels Orange This Month!

It’s Orange August for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge! I’ve dug around and pulled out all my orange scraps, my orange orphan blocks, and the quilt “kits” I’ve made out of scraps I’ve gathered over the last couple years. When I can find enough scraps, chunks and pieces that might play well together, they go into a 9x12” (-ish) baggie until their color month comes up. But I’ve got at least five orange “kits” for this month, so some may have to wait their turn!

Before I get into my sewing recap, let me show you the fabrics and scraps that my dear friend Ruby (we met at Weight Watchers) has given to me over the last two weeks. Ruby likes to shop estate sales and yard sales, and she’s been snatching up boxes of fabrics for a song. 

Some of these fabrics go back to the 1970’s.  See that brown fabric on the lower left? The TAN fabric underneath it is the same exact print I made a maternity top out of back in 1977! All of these are clean fabrics in excellent condition. We sifted out all the junky fabrics and “other” fabrics to donate back to a thrift store. There are solids, retro and modern fabrics (Patrick Lose, Amy Butler). I’ve spent way too much time this week sorting and petting and playing with the fabric. My studio storage needs some serious rearranging and organizing.

But naturally I did get back to my sewing machine. The first order of business was to baste another batch of quilts. I only got one of them quilted this week, but it’s a lovely finish, even if I do say so myself! That’s because the quilt in question was a top, backing and binding donated to me by Julie of Quilts and Costumes. It’s an adorable stack ‘n whack quilt of silly aliens with a light confetti-like print for the background.

I selected a bright blue thread and quilted it with parallel vertical lines in a serpentine stitch. As I stitched, the confetti print background was so cheery! It was so delightful!

Julie even provided the binding fabric. The finished quilt measures 47.5x64”. I’m calling it Confetti Aliens, although donation quilts don’t generally get an “official” name. 

Here is the Quilts for Kids label I added.

And just so you can see more of Julie’s meticulous work, here is the backing she pieced. Isn’t it just adorable too?

So, I’ll update my Community Quilts tab this week to include all three quilt tops that Julie donated. Thank you once again, Julie! You’re so appreciated! 

I finally turned to my orange RSC blocks, and don’t you know I had to start off with a couple pair of orange elephants. 

There will be three more pairs coming later this month. This is from the pattern Stomping Ground by WendySheppard. 

Next up, two Antique Tile blocks that will finish at 12”.

And also 8 Framed Four Patch blocks that’ll finish at 8” each. 

So that’s about it for now. Here’s a sneak peek of some of the mess of scraps that constitute one of the quilt tops that I’ll have sewn into a top by next week. Prayers may be in order for this one, LOL!

So this morning I’m off to our August Quilts for Kids workshop. Time to go load up the car! Thanks for dropping by!


  1. Such a plethora of fabric. Fun, fun, fun!!! Love the Alien Quilt. Some kid will be so excited!
    As for me, I'm looking forward to the quilt the last photo will become. Because I miss seeing your "Monster" quilts.

  2. That Julie is a gem. Together you are priceless.

  3. The alien quilt is adorable - love the backing, too. You finished it off so nicely, Cathy. Love the orange elephants and your quilt kit looks like it will make a fun one, too. Have fun!

  4. Hey Cathy--haven't seen a post from you in a while--are you okay? Hope so--hugs, Julierose

  5. So many lovely gifted fabrics, what a time you’re going to have using them all up. Great blocks and finishes this week.

  6. What a great scrap haul!
    LOVE those orange elephants!

  7. Lots of those fabrics from the thrift store/estate sales will go right into RSC blocks for sure.

  8. p.S. For some reason i wasn't getting your posts!! Good old blogger/bloglovin!! Anyway i am Baaack...hahaha
    What a wonderful windfall of fabrics from your friend!! I love your framed 4-patches--so neat...
    and that alien quilt is so adorable...nice works you have going Hugs, Julierose

  9. Hi,
    Beautiful fabric to be playing with. What an awesome friend to give
    them to you. I love the elephant blocks and the 4 patch blocks
    are pretty. Have a great day!

  10. I'm so glad I sent that Aliens quilt top and back to you. Your quilting finished it off beautifully, and now it can make a child happy. That's much better than having it hanging in my closet forever!
    I loved seeing your haul of scrap fabrics--I recognize a few of those from my early days of quilting. I think I still have some of that bright heart print at the upper right. Your orange blocks are looking great!

  11. You two are a dynamic duo! Julie makes quilts and you finish them. Fabulous! Love the elephants. Sweet!

  12. You plunged right into those oranges! You and Julie make a great team! Love the spiraling Stack & Whack design. And Ruby is a terrific friend -- always nice to have a purpose when going thrift shopping.

  13. Normally, an elephant will crush you. But in all honesty, I am crushing on your elephants :-)
    I have said it before but don't mind repeating - I don't wish to be rich. I just want generous friends :-D Lucky you and Julie too.

  14. My goodness what a treasure trove of fabric gleanings! You are going to have your work cut out for you (hah...'cut out'....get it??).
    Love that robot quilt - my grandsons would love it too.


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