Saturday, April 18, 2020

Just Another Day in Paradise

... if by “Paradise” you mean being quarantined in your home for the start of the second month of a pandemic while your husband recovers from major surgery, one daughter files for divorce and another daughter loses her canine rescue furkid to pneumonia/sepsis; then, yeah, we’re having a Grand Old Time here at Chez Kizerian. Oh, and did I mention that we had another 4.2 earthquake this week?

The truth is, you feel better after shedding enough tears. At least I do. And even in the best of times, the road of life is bumpy and littered with land mines. Life in the year 2020 has been a white knuckle ride for most of us. But I’m seriously trying hard to let go of the negative stuff and hold tight (no white knuckles) to the good stuff. Bruce is getting better, every family member is healthy. Our pantry is full (restocked today). And no one at the grocery store died today, not even the guy who got perturbed at me because I wouldn’t let him go past me against the directional arrows in the aisle. He blustered, “You mean I have to go all the way around!?!”  I just smiled behind my mask and pointed to the arrows, but was thinking “Call the waambulance, you entitled jerk!”

But enough of this already!  Let’s check out what’s going on at the Scrappy Saturday linkup today, where the only blues being shared are of the light blue scrappy fabric kind. This week my sewing consisted of these 16 strip blocks measuring 6.5” each, unfinished. 

That finished up all my RSC light blue sewing for this month. As it stands now, I think I’ll just save the little crumbs and leftovers for the next time we do blue (dark values) and combine them all into a crumb-pieced blue scrap basket. 

But, Nine-Patch Madness, or 9PM as I like to call it, is a finish! This was my April OMG One Monthly Goal), and I’m linking up to the goal finish blog post at Elm Street Quilts

Oh how I love this quilt! It measured 60x72” before I laundered it, but may have shrunk a bit in the process of getting all those yummy Quilty crinkles! The quilting was just simple loops. 

The binding was a perfect half yard piece of this purple check that matched nicely with the sheet used for the backing. 

Oops! Underneath you can see a sneak peek of another project I’m working on, to be revealed in early May. But I’m already on to the next project, which will be quilting up On Ringo Lake this week. Unfortunately, the cord to the foot pedal on my Bernina (Bernadette) has a short in it and I’ve ordered a new one. I don’t know how long it will take to come in to the dealer, but they need the actual foot pedal so they can attach the cord. So, I’ll  be sewing via the start/stop button, which I hate, but it’s do-able. I just don’t know how it works with free-motion quilting, but I’m about to find out. If it doesn’t go well, I can switch to my back-up Brother machine (Bob) and quilt with a serpentine stitch. 

Let’s wind up this post on a positive note - a little story I forgot to share last week. On Monday morning, April 6, I was talking on the phone to Cousin Kim when three cars turned the corner of the street in front of our house and drove slowly by, honking their horns and waving. The cars were all decorated, but I couldn’t read the signs. So I went out on the porch (phone in hand so Kim could hear all the racket). Then slowly, one by one, more cars turned the corner and followed along in procession. Turns out that it was the faculty and staff (and families), each in their own vehicle, of the local elementary school. They organized a parade route along the streets within the school boundaries and let all the kids’ families know to watch for the parade. The vehicle windows were rolled down and the occupants were waving, shouting “we love you,” to the kids and honking and blowing kisses. The signs said all sorts of things like “Your teachers miss you” “Longmont Rules!” And “Stay Safe, Stay Home”. The cars just kept on coming, decorated with balloons, streamers, signs, flags, stuffed animals. Kids quarantined at home stood out on their lawns, waving back to their teachers and favorite faculty members. It lasted about 8-10 minutes on our street alone, with at least 30 cars in procession. The kids I saw were so excited! Heck, so were the rest of us who don’t even have kids in school. It was just such a fun and thoughtful thing to do. I’ve seen on Google that these teacher parades have happened here and there throughout the country this month. I love how people are striving to stay connected! 

I’d love to hear any anecdotes you may have heard about or experienced during this time of sheltering in place! Have a good week, friends. Stay safe, stay healthy, and wash your hands!


  1. Talk about a triple whammy! Not the best of months even if we weren't social distancing. Glad Your Guy is getting better and healing well. It's so hard to dwell on the bad stuff and forget the blessings, like being able to work from home (even if you don't like it) and being able to go sew pieces of fabric together to make pretty things. Love your RSC projects. Hope the rest of the year is much, much better.

  2. Oh goodness I got a big smile thinking of cute little you standing your ground in grocery store! Thanks for that!! LOL
    I'm sorry that things have been extra challenging for you (an all of us) but I'm glad to see you are staying strong. I love the 9pm quilt and name. At least your creativity is still intact! Hang in there friend. Hugs!

  3. so glad you are hanging in there and still making the world more beautiful

  4. OH how I love your scrappy wonderful quilt! I was that person in the grocery store three weeks ago, because I did not see the arrows, so a nice lady showed me and now I am on the band wagon, LOL! I am sorry for your sorrows, and happy for your triumphs!

  5. 2020 is going to the the most memorable year EVER. The grocery stores and Walgreen's are doing well with social distancing -- though I think every clerk would take it upon him or herself to wear a mask. The worst offender is Dollar General, at least the one in our town. No tape on the floor, no shield at the register, unmasked clerk who wanted to put the change into my hand. (It was a $1 purchase, too small for credit card.).........But on to pleasant subjects: your neighborhood parade! RSC strings! And the wonderful finish -- 9P Madness -- what a great design!

  6. I'm so glad to hear that Bruce is doing well, Cathy, but so sorry for your daughters - it's hard to be stuck at home when you probably just want to go hug them and support them! The teacher parade brought tears to my eyes - I've heard about those, too, but would enjoy seeing one. My best stay-at-home experience this week was learning how to navigate Zoom and "getting together" with my book club friends that way this week! Keep sewing!

  7. Oh, I love the 9P Madness. It looks so soft, crinkly and cuddly.

    They had a similar teacher parade here. Granddaughter who lives with us is in high school and they are finishing out the year online. She loves it.

  8. Goodness, you've had a time of it!! Still sewing up a storm, I see. Light BLUE scrap blocks and a completed quilt, too? Go, YOU!

  9. Loving that light blue Ojos scrap quilt--nice work on that one...
    Grocery nightmares seem to be the new normal. A man was forcibly removed for not wearing a mask in ours last week...and he was coughing!! What is it that people don't understand??
    I will not get myself started, will not, will not...S I G H
    Anyway, happy to hear that Bruce is coming along well...sorry to hear your daughters'
    sorrows...I am sure you don't want to take this "ride" anymore...
    ~ ~ ~ waving in the high winds Julierose

  10. What a time you are having in your little piece of Paradise these days with hubby of course being the major one. Keep hanging on in there, as you are, things have got to get better. Youve done lots of lovely sewing to keep yourself occupied

  11. Hi Cathy! That parade sounds FABULOUS! We would have run out to wave and smile ourselves, and we are both in education! It sounds like God may have handed your family a few challenges to face. I am so sorry about your daughters hurdles - I am certain it was difficult to decide to divorce, and losing a furbaby is just awful. {{Hugs}} to all of you as I am certain you want to make everyone feel better. Yippee for Bruce healing well - I have been thinking about you both. Your light blue strip blocks look fabulous as does 9PM. Look at all the quilty goodness after washing it. {{Hugs}} Hold the course. We'll all come out the other side a little wiser and a bit worse for the wear. ~smile~ Roseanne

  12. I felt so bad, reading about your family troubles. And then I was happy to see your pretty blue blocks and gorgeous crinkly snuggly 9PM quilt. And then I cried reading about the teachers' parade. Dang, Cathy! Now I need a nap after all this emoting! :)

  13. Glad to hear you are keeping your chin up! The 9-PM quilt turned out great - love the backing and binding!

  14. I'm so sorry to hear that your glass seems to be less than half full this week. But you are trying to make the best of it, because, after all, what else can we do. I fear that now that the moron in chief is instigating insurrection, acceptance of social distancing will decline. Which means we'll all have to stay home even longer.
    My bright spot is the little boy (2 and a half) who lives several doors down the street, who comes up on my front porch when he and his Mom walk by to see the teddy bears I put in the front windows. He has a very winning smile and brightens the day.
    The 9 PM quilt is looking good.

  15. Dearest Cathy,

    I have been in lockdown my entire life. On a good day my sister just bites my ears, otherwise I get pinned down until I apologize for existing.

    Honking car horns are scary. I’m sorry that happened to you.

    Love, Buddy

  16. Gosh you have a lot on your plate right now. I have good days and bad days....or good weeks and bad weeks. Distraction is my best weapon. I really love those light blue string blocks, so glad this cheerful yet calm color is here for us to work on in this most trying April of 2020.

  17. I wish that saying "When it rains, it pours," wasn't so true! Sorry about all the tearfulness in your life right now. But I love your resolve to put a positive spin on everything during these trying times for us all. And what a special tribute to the school kids and the community with that teacher parade. In our valley, people go out on their doorsteps at 8 p.m. every night and let out voracious howls. Sounds like coyotes all riled up. Lets neighbors know that everyone is doing their part. Loving those blue strips!

  18. At 6.5" those strips blocks are modest in size but pack a huge dose of loveliness. I am sorry about all the upheaval - emotional and tectonic. I am glad that Bruce is home and I am even happier that he is recovering. I too cried this weekend. I alternate between anxiety and gratitude. We will be fine, I know that but I have to constantly remind myself of that. On our walk a few days ago, I came across a painted rock in the grass next to a fire hydrant with a sweet message - We are all in this together. I am thinking of you. Sending hugs and best wishes. You know why I send so many hugs? Because I cannot give one to you without getting one too :-)

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  20. Oh and I want to drop everything and make that 9PM quilt. It has the perfect - Hugged by a Rainbow - feel to it.

  21. Hi Cathy! (me waving madly) Hang in there, girlfriend, cause it is going to get better! Can't keep us old gals down!

  22. Good to hear that Bruce is on the road to recovery. Was happy to hear that! I love your String RSC blocks. Very pretty and I adore your 9PM quilt ... so bright & uplifting!

  23. Congrats on your 9PM finish. It is gorgeous. I knew it was yours when I saw those bright colors with the constant black squares in each block as I linked up to the April OMG post. It looks sooooo soft.

    Call the waambulance? LOVE that!!! Your humor and good heart always shines through no matter what the circumstance. I totally understand that if you cry enough, the tears will make it all better eventually. I love your transparency. You always have a way to turn the situation around to see the good in all of it.

    LOVE the story about the teacher and staff parade. My niece did one of those with her school here in Ohio. We live in a very rural area (we can't get natural gas or cable...) Our parade happened when we first went to pick up the school lunches. Teachers and volunteers stood outside the school giving kids a weekly lunch bag. Cars passed each other. Kids saw other kids. It was fun--until I realized how high risk our son is with his blood make-up condition. We don't pick up any school lunches anymore due to the way the food has been handled. BUT this week my friend sent me a photo of how the food was prepped this time. We may go back next week and enjoy it once again.

    Keep on keeping on. Sorry to hear about your grandfurkid. Oh so sad! Glad Bruce is on the mend. Hope he is annoying you the way that husbands do. (High five to Bruce if he's reading this--it's his job.) Sorry to hear about your daughter's divorce. We are only as happy as our saddest child. BUT I remember my divorce when I was in my 20's. It was terrible at the time. If I wouldn't have gotten divorced I would have never met the true love of my life that annoys me daily NOW. Look for the light in the world. HUGS!!!

  24. Great quilt. Thanks for linking up with Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal and congrats on your finish.


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