Saturday, April 11, 2020

First Year of April

Is it May yet? OK, ok, I know it’s only the eleventy-hundredth day of April. Bruce asked me what day it was this morning, and I told him it was Sssssssaaaaaaatttttttuuuuuurrrrrrdddddaaaaaayyyyy. And then I realized that meant it was Scrappy Saturday and I’d better get my rear in gear with a blogpost.

Would you like to hear about my ma*k-making this week? Just kidding. Although that comprised most of my sewing this week, I don’t want to share it any more than you want to read it. Suffice it to say that it’s been going on, and the end is in sight. After the current dozen is finished, I retire.

Nine-Patch Madness is a finished flimsy. And I want to thank Jennifer Caplinger (Life’s Little Adventures) again for her inspired pattern for these blocks. I could drool over her basic and beautiful quilts all day. But if I did, someone would probably lock me up.  So you’ll have to check them out and be inspired yourself.

9PMadness joins Harambe Sisters 2 and On Ringo Lake in the To-be-Basted pile.  I’m going to try to get to those this week, “try” being the operative word.  And speaking of basting, what are you having for Easter dinner? We’re in a quandary here. Should we have the traditional ham or the traditional spaghetti?

Bruce is home from the hospital, after a week-long stay. After all the running around in the cootie-filled world to get his prescriptions, 4-point cane (needed for walking because of the huge groin-to-knee incision they made to harvest a donor vein), another trip back to the surgeon’s office at the hospital because he had a fever (slight infection, not the virus thank heavens), and a trip to the grocery store, we are home to stay. And at the grocery store, some idiot man in front of me in the line was blathering to the cashier about how he just couldn’t stand to wear a mask. You’ll be glad to know I let him live.

Anyway, let’s talk sewing some more, shall we? Here are my 9 Twin Sisters blocks for April.

And nine Split 9 blocks.

And a Scraptastic Star...

This is what my four Scraptastic Star blocks look like together. Four blocks down, five to go. Pretend they’re pressed nicely.

Finally, since I want to finish up an old Rainbow Scrap project, Garlic Knots (more traditionally known as Arrowhead Puzzle), I sewed up the two remaining colors that I needed. Here are six red ones ...

And seven yellow/gold ones

I only needed 10 more blocks, but sewing 13 will give me a little fiddle room to weed out another color if it’s too dominant when I begin arranging them next year month in May.

That’s it from the looney bin here at Chez Kizerian.


  1. I can't stand wearing a mask either, but, by golly, I'm not going anywhere without one on! 😳 Lots of pretty blue in your post, Cathy! I'm looking forward to seeing your Garlic Knot quilt come together. Hugs!

  2. First year of April made me laugh. Working in a farm store (essential), we have been super busy. So the days go by fast, but when you get home, it feels like you've been gone for days! I was not aware that spaghetti was a traditional Easter meal, but as one who dislikes ham, I will be promoting that for future years. (Since we are not gathering for the holiday this year, I made the executive decision to have pot roast at my house.)

  3. Thank you for reminding me to start a garlic knot quilt. And someone who doesn’t want to wear a mask could wear a motorcycle helmet. I hope the grocery store clerk had a plexiglass shield to keep that guy’s blathering spit out of the clerk’s eyes.

  4. you have made progress on a lot of quilts - yipee

  5. LOL!! You are too funny, Cathy. A prolific piecer and oh-SEW-funny! (Glad to hear that Bruce is home and will soon be on the mend.)

  6. Hey, I think I would LIKE spending time in your particular loony bin! Very glad that Bruce is home and doing well....huge relief for both of you. As for the moron in the grocery store, it seems they are running rampant out there. Most people are keeping their distance and following the rules but then there's the faction that seems to think the rules never apply to them. They've had to close places like Walmart and Home Depot here because people were using them to wander through just for something to do. You can't fix stupid so the government had to step in and close them down to all but phone/online curbside pick up orders. And I am giggling over your post title....

  7. But did he deserve to live?
    You have made great progress with split 9-patch blocks. Those are my favorite kind.

  8. I love everything you wrote and everything you shared - all the blocks, the flimsies and the glimpse of the loony bin. Wish I was there with you in your sewing room. The 9Pmadness flimsy is gorgeous and I see no wrinkles anywhere on any block. So happy to learn that Bruce is back home. Big Hugs and talk to you soon!!!

  9. You always make my day when you post, from your cheery colors to your cheery words and the fact that you abstained from decking an idiot, wow! I'm not worthy!
    Poor Bruce! Although I am sure both of you aren't thinking that way. It's good you two have each other, I bet the conversations in your home are lively and loving!
    Who knew that even recycling could be a major chore these days. We encountered a rude person yesterday at the recycling yard. He took forever to toss his cardboard, because well, lets just say he probably wasn't a boy scout! He had to break every. single. box. down! Then he proceeded to clean out his car while we waited him out for the suggested distance. Grrr! I was thinking that we should put on some very raucous music and turn it up for his listening pleasure.
    Anywho...keep up the fun work, and please tell Bruce we are all thinking good thoughts for a speedy recovery.

  10. Looks like you are getting a lot accomplished. Is anybody not making masks? I especially like the scraptastic stars and the garlic knots. I made a few garlic knots awhile ago and they are really fun and easy to make. I will probably make a quilt with them at some point, but I already have a gazillian other quilts in progress. Glad to hear that Bruce is home and doing fairly well, considering.

  11. Wish I had read your post yesterday when I was feeling glum and unmotivated. Thanks for lightening my spirit with your humor. I am not a mask maker and I no longer read any blog post devoted to how many someone has made or any more tutorials for them. I also haven't gone anyway in almost 2 weeks, not even the grocery store. Seeing all your lovely RSC blocks has maybe motivated me to finally go find the light and bright blues, but maybe not. I might just stare out the window at the daffodils that survived Friday's snowfall.

  12. Thank you for not writing about your masks. Your light blue blocks are looking fine, and 9PM is awesome! I'm going to gingerly explore Jennifer's quilts because I know I'll be inspired to start All! The! Patterns! That might overload my circuits. Super, super glad to hear that Bruce is home and on the road to recovery :)

  13. Great blocks! Glad Bruce is back home. I spent a lot of my week making masks too!

  14. Well, it looks like life in your loony bin is fun and productive! All kinds of pretties being generated!
    Glad to hear that Bruce is on the mend - you two have had a way-too-interesting time of it!

  15. I’m glad you are sewing helps, I’m sure! Hope Bruce continues to improve and there are no more trips back to the doc! Best wishes to both of you!

  16. Fabulous projects you've got going! I really love that 9PMadness quilt. I may have to think about that one for next year. All the current blocks look very good too. Happy to hear that Bruce is home from the hospital. Now if we could just get Fred home next! Have a great week!

  17. Oh goodness...that Nine Patch Madness is a bundle of colorful and cheerful. Wonderful. The rest of your blocks aren't too shabby either. Glad Bruce is out of the hospital. I can't imagine not being able to visit loved ones at a time when they most need those visits.


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