Saturday, October 26, 2019

Still Playing in the Neutral Zone

I'm a woman on a mission - to go where no one has gone before use up most (or at least make a substantial dent in) my dark neutral scraps. Before I started at the beginning of the month, these scraps took up three drawers of my scrap drawer units, and were overflowing. Now they fit into 2 drawers (brown/beige in one, gray/black in another). And I'm not done yet. But first, let's officially check this finish off the list. Meet the finished Stringing in the Rain quilt!

Stringing in the Rain finished at 54" x 64", a medium-sized lap quilt.  I just stipple-quilted it because I wanted it done. For the last couple months my quilting has been limited to wall hangings and small kid quilts for Quilts for Kids, so this one felt large by comparison. It was a good size to ease me back into quilting big things, because I've got lots of Rainbow Scrap quilt finishes coming up.

Stringing in the Rain was goal #11 on my 4th Quarter Finish-Along list, which you can see HERE. I'll link up to their official link-up party at the end of the year.

Now I'm working on my OMG (One Monthly Goal) so I can finish that up before month-end. Here are the Rainbow Anvil blocks, which was another Rainbow Scrap Challenge block and project for this year. The bottom four rows are sewn together and hanging from the bottom of my design wall. That's how I work (bottom half first) so that I can see it all together on my too-small design board.  This top will be finished up this weekend, and I hope to get it basted on Sunday and begin quilting.

Darla decided to join me in the sewing room on Thursday.

It's an unwritten law in the cat world that one must always look bored. It throws off the humans and allows you to plot sneaky adventures.

Hey Mom, what is this pole thingy with stuff hanging from it? 

It tastes like THREAD!!

Darla grabbed the thread in her mouth and ran with it. Naturally, it knocked over the thread stand which clanked loudly and scared her half to death.  She was GONE.....

Sometimes cats are their own worst enemies!

Finally, here's a peek at what I'm working on in the coming week with my dark neutral scraps (with a little help from their lighter neutral scrap friends). I'm making various blocks in both 8-inch and 6-inch sizes. There are still three sets of blocks to go, then I've got an idea for putting them together. I'd like to have it to the flimsy (quilt top) stage by next weekend. Today I'm linking up to Scrappy Saturday and the Rainbow Scrap Challenge.

This will be a crazy week because my daughter Megan is visiting us from Seattle. She'll be here through Monday. Then I have three doctor appointments next week; my annual physical, a meeting with my retina doctor and an appointment with a surgeon regarding my carpal tunnel.  Plus Weight Watchers on Tuesday morning and sewing group here on Wednesday afternoon. Whew! I've decided to get a housekeeper to come in and clean a couple times a month. It was either that or hire a stunt sewist, so housekeeper it is!


  1. That's a busy week ahead!
    Great job on the browns/neutrals... and the bright it!

  2. Love Stringing in the Rain!! And i like how your new neutral project is coming along...sounds like you have a very busy week ahead--I could use a laundress (two people and laundry EVERY DAY??) a cook a cleaner etc etc...hugs, Julierose ;)))

  3. Definitely give the housework away before the sewing, lol! Your string quilt is so warm and cozy looking - that's a great finish, Cathy! I love the anvils, too, and looking forward to seeing what you're doing with the new batch of dark neutral blocks.

  4. Darla is only acting bored because she doesn't want distract from her fantastic display of stripes rivaling your new quilt. She was also using her front legs to show you how to sew seams to match stripes.

  5. Your cat antics would drive me nuts, but then cats don't bark at squirrels so score one for kitties. Today I can touch my pinkie to my thumb with no sign that the mobility in my hand is 100%. Not quite there yet with the wrist. Your large lap quilt turned out great.
    xx, Carol

  6. Stringing is the Rain is FABULOUS!!!! From all the different shades of browns (lights & darks) to the name. Love it! You will certainly be busy this week. Hope you actually get a chance to see your sewing room this week. My kitty likes to play with the thread too. Unfortunately my vet told me to keep her away from thread -- the vet has had to perform surgery on many cats to get thread balls out of their bellies. Wouldn't you think it would just come out in a hairball? EWWWW! YUCK! Let's move this right along and say again how pretty your quilt is! Lol!

  7. You are a very busy bee and you deserve a lovely time with Megan.

  8. Love this finish, Cathy! Just when you think a design is at it's best, along comes the quilting crinkle to make it even better. Nothing wrong with stipple for that! And I'm excited about your next neutral project, too. It's going to be so wonderfully scrappy happy :)

  9. Hi Cathy! Wow - Darla has the bored looked down pat. Of course that thread stand falling scared her half to death - it would have me, too. Even when you could envision the whole thing happening but couldn't prevent it. I love your dark neutral string quilt. It's a great finish and a very creative name! Ooh, your OMG project is so cute as well. It will be another great finish for you. ~smile~ Roseanne

  10. Aw, give Darla some nice kitty massages to strum some purrs out of her for me. I love strumming a cat. They can make some really nice sounds.

  11. It's a dreary, rainy day here today, but your scrappy sewing brightened things up! Oh, and Darla, too!

  12. You mean you don't already HAVE a stunt sewist??? I was so sure you did! Have to love Darla and her very bored


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