Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Punkin' Patch Finished

This little wall hanging was churned out in record time. Mostly it was because it was so fun and easy, but also because I wanted to get it up on the wall in the living room. I wasn't going to let myself do the fall decorating without it! And I was really jonesing for some bright autumn colors and feels.

Punkin' Patch finished at 28" x 36", which is just perfect for where it hangs (pix below). I did something really dumb with the hanging sleeve, however (and NO, I will not go into it here). But I will have to redo that after the season.

However, I was really pleased with the quilting I did, which was rather unplanned until about 5 minutes before I started it. Basically I just free-motion quilted curlicues, vines and leaves. The thread is a variegated gray thread, Aurifil 50-weight in bobbin and top. Done on my Bernina 550QE.

After it was hung up, I realized that I'd never cut the gray squares to sew to the stems to give them points. That's what happens when you're so into the groove that you just wing it after cutting out (most of) the pieces!!

If the quilt police come visiting, perhaps I can just offer them some Halloween treats.....

It's been beautiful and sunny both yesterday and today, so I got some decent pictures of the light autumn decorating I did yesterday. Mostly it's just the little pumpkins from our garden and a few other things thrown in here and there. The downsizing of STUFF continues, and seasonal decorations is part of that.

This decoration is a keeper, though. It's a crazy quilt pillow I made for a contest (won an Honorable Mention, I believe) way back in 2008. I blogged about it here.  The squirrel has a mink tail, the pumpkin in the lower left is felted wool, plus I tried lots of new stitches and beading and flower techniques. It was really fun, and the pillow comes out every autumn.

Here's a view of the east end of the living room. See what a few pops of color (in this case, orange), will do for a neutral decor?

Darla must have overheard me saying that. I was wearing an orange blouse, and she jumped up on me for some loving and kneading. Then she said, "See what an orange Mommy will do for a neutral cat?"


  1. Just love that pumpkin quilt--I have my papers all at the ready to begin sewing--hopefully soon..I love your pops of orange in that room--such a warm and cozy look hugs, Julierose

  2. Your string pumpkin wall-hanging is wonderful, Cathy! And all the pops of orange in your living room are so fun, too. Pumpkins and orange are what I love about this time of year!

  3. Your pumpkins look great. So does the decorating in the living room. It's hard for me to get my decorations out when the kids are 2600 miles away. I DID get my Day of the Dead skellies out because I love them so much. I have a multiplication table panel that I'll stitch for Nic as soon as I get the Carpal Tunnel ok. I'll need to find a hanger like yours too. Or maybe I'll put it on a dowel and Alyssa hang it from jute string. Hope Bruce is doing well.
    xx, Carol

  4. No worries, Cathy... The point-less stems make this quilt uniquely yours!! :o))

  5. So much fun!!! Both the quilt and all the pops of color in your home. The curly tendrils quilting is just so spot-on!!!

  6. Love your pumpkin quilt, the stems are fine , the quilt police can go somewhere else!! Your quilting is wonderful, the curly tendrils are perfect. Cute cat.

  7. love the crazy quilted pillow! and the orange tabby Darla has become!

  8. Orange mommy, neutral cat - lol! Of course you know I LOVE that crazy quilted pillow!!!

  9. Cute quilt and love your CQ pillow!

  10. Love this pumpkin patch! The green border is a great accent, and the vine and leaf quilting is perfect! So fun!


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