Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Hot Rod Quilt Finished

My goal was to finish this hot-rod themed quilt for my brother before we left on vacation this week, and I did. Yay!!  The picture isn’t the best, but it was threatening rain and getting dark, so we just did it. Steve is thrilled.

The quilt includes several fabrics with different color schemes, scale, etc. There is even a cut up shirt in there (the blue backgrounds). The only thing I could think of to do to unify (somewhat) all the disparate pieces was to use colored sashing in various sizes and bright colors (green, blue, red, black and some gold). It worked out pretty well.

The back is just leftover fabrics and/or other stuff that didn’t quite go with the rest.... The batting is Warm & Plush, and the quilting was a large stipple, which he seemed to think was “rad”.  I’m just glad he’s happy. And that it’s done. This is my February goal for OMG - One Monthly Goal over at Elm Street Quilts. I’ll be linking up at the end of the month when the linky party opens. 

This is also a finish for me for my Quarter One goals for the 2018 Finish-Along. It was #5 on my list and is my third finish so far this year. You can visit my list HERE.

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And I made four blocks for February’s Block Lotto.  We were to start with a piece 3.5” or smaller from the Parts Department or leftovers from a quilt and then make a 9.5” scrappy block with it. As you can see, I had lots of HSTs, flying geese and tiny four-patches. I also added in some favorite bird fabric samples from Spoonflower and a little Lori Holt mini-charm, “Keep it Cool”. Yep, they’re pretty funky, but they’re supposed to be. I think. :-)

I made several more purple blocks for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge that I can hopefully post on Saturday. It’ll be easy to prepare the post ahead of time; I’ll just have to figure out if/when I can link up when the time comes.  Thanks for dropping by!


  1. The quilt for your brother is great and I'm glad he loved it. But those block lotto blocks...that would be a challenge for me. Once I know what a block was intended for, I struggle to see it as anything else. (So maybe i should challenge myself?!)

  2. Because you are so good to your brother, I'm going to send you mine.



  3. Wow, you did finish it! Great job! Looks perfect for your brother - glad he loves it. Hope you're having a wonderful time in AZ - enjoy the warmth!

  4. You did a great job pulling the disparate pieces together. Have a great time in AZ!

  5. Fun blocks, Cathy! And congratulations on finishing the Hot Rod quilt. I'm really tickled that your brother thinks stippling is "rad!" You never know what's going to strike someone's fancy. I'll remember that next time I stipple (which I do a lot) and say to myself, "This is rad!" :D

  6. Haha..who still says "rad"???? Someone with a new totally rad quilt made by a totally rad sister? Congrats on meeting your goal all ready!

  7. Bet you're glad those Hot Rods are done! Love that Bird Fabric. Have a great vacation. Wish I was going. 8" of snow coming my way starting tonight.
    xx, Carol

  8. Phew!! So glad your brother was happy with his quilt (how could he not?). It's pretty obvious the love that went into making it and I'm sure he will feel it every time he snuggles under it.

  9. What a fun quilt! Thanks for linking up with Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal and congrats on your finish.


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