Tuesday, January 9, 2018

First Quarter 2018 Finish-Along Goals

I’m joining, for the fourth year in a row, the global Finish-Along challenge. We make our own quarterly lists of things we’d like to finish. While there are no penalties or even stern looks if we don’t finish them, we DO get to link up each finish to an end-of-quarter party. Each finish then becomes an entry into prize drawings from lots of great sponsors - fabrics, patterns, gift cards, etc. Wow, sign me up! LOL. Actually, the link is in the sidebar, LOL.

These are my hopeful finishes for FALQ1 (Finish-Along Quarter 1). No particular order here, just how the pictures loaded.

1.  Bruce’s Guitar Quilt.
This is a pattern by Robbie Joy Ecklow and it’s giving me fits because I’m really not good at working in reverse (as in fusing images, paper piecing, etc.).  But it’s got to happen sometime.

2.  Autumn Sampler Quilt

This quilt is actually a flimsy that is backed and basted. So all I need to do is quilt and bind it. It will be a good project for when I need a break from piecing. I expect this one to be an easy and quick finish.

3.  Starry, Starry Day, a Friendship Star variation Quilt.

This quilt is now officially a flimsy too. The next step is to piece a backing from my orphan fat quarters. Then baste, quilt and bind it. It’s my January goal for OMG - One Monthly Goal.

4.  Rainbow Strings.

This Rainbow Scrap Challenge project actually started with some test blocks in 2016 and was the first time I’d string pieced. Now I’m obsessed! I only have 10 more 8.5” blocks to make to finish this one. I originally thought I would wait until the missing colors rolled around in the monthly assigned colors of the RSC, but now I’m anxious to finish this so I can piece string blocks for Covered in Love and also start my own new strings project. Like I said, I’m obsessed.

5.  Hot Rod Quilt.

This is a quilt that I’ve finally started for my brother, Steve. What a mishmash of fabrics from clothing, panels and fabric. It’s really not just hot rods, it’s vintage cars, motorcycles, license plates and more. I was finally able to devise a plan that would separate some of the bigger or more incongruent fabrics for the backing. That, with the addition of lots of blue, green and black solids will hopefully help to unify this into a merely nauseating (vs. migraine-inducing) quilt. One can hope. Don’t tell Steve I said that.....

6.  Kennel Quilts

Yep, I’ve done dozens of these in the past, but I’m going to add them in here for good measure. I’d like to get 10 done this quarter to deliver to some of the California animal rescue sites after all the autumn fires. Ten kennel quilts for one checkmark, not a bad deal.

Darla models some kennel quilts from 2017.
That’s it for the first quarter.  Wish me luck, and thanks for dropping by!


  1. I hate to say this...not. These goals will be a breeze for you!!
    xx, Carol

  2. I've never made kennel Quilts, but it might be a good fast project. Do you have directions? Does each shelter have its own needs? I'm tired of making little houses and boats right now.

  3. I'm getting a bit string block obsessed myself! Gotta get cracking on mine for CiL, and I'll probably do single color ones like you show here for my RSC blocks. What do you use for a foundation? Fabric or paper?

  4. You've got some fun projects for the first quarter. I love your Friendship Star quilt, the colors are just wonderful. Good luck!

  5. As always, you have ambitious goals and I have no doubt you will accomplish them (and more, no doubt!). Hate to tell you that I'm busily gathering kids t-shirts with an action hero theme to make a quilt for Logan's big boy bed. Hoping to finish it in time for his birthday in June but might end up being a Christmas gift instead.

  6. What a wonderful list, all kinds of quilts in there. The guitar quilt is very unusual, and I love the friendship stars! Thank you for joining us in the Finish-A-Long.


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