Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Quarter I Finish-Along Goals

It’s time to list and link up my 2017 Finish-Along goals for the first quarter of the year. This list is so helpful to me, being the organized sort of person I am. I love being able to set goals and check things off.

Loving a checklist is a holdover habit from my working days. DH says I always tell him what I got done every day (not what I did, but what I got done) like I have to prove I was doing something instead of eating bonbons on the couch while watching TV. Yep, sounds like me. Come to think of it, it may have more to do with justifying my summer days to my mother when I was a kid (she worked). Good grief!

Oh well. Regardless, here is my list:

1.  Rainbow Rails.  This is a quilt top pieced for the 2016 Rainbow Scrap Challenge. It’s made with vintage sheets and is currently basted and ready for quilting and binding.

EDITED TO ADD:  FINISHED and blogged about here.


2.  Rainbow Dresdens.  Another RSC 2016 quilt top. Centers are doilies and yo-yos, backgrounds are solid pastels in blue, yellow pink. Needs to be basted, quilted and bound.

EDITED TO ADD:  Finished and blogged about HERE.

3.   Scrappy Improv (RSC 2016) in Cool Tones.  Needs basting, quilting, binding.
EDITED TO ADD:  FINISHED and blogged about here.

4.  Scrappy Improv (RSC 2016) in Warms. Needs basting, quilting, binding.
Edited to add:  Finished and blogged about HERE

5.  Quilt for Brother-in-law.  This will be a simple Disappearing 9-patch in black, white, gray and turquoise. An easy make that I need to have done in about a month.

EDITED TO ADD: FINISHED and blogged about HERE.

6.  Rose Cottage Quilt in Olive’s Flower Market. I just love the fabrics and have probably bought enough to do three quilts, but this one is for MOI.

7.  Rainbow 16-Patch Quilt (RSC 2016).
FINISHED!  Photographed and blogged about HERE.

I actually thought I had sewn these together already as a flimsy until I discovered them in on a WIP shelf. My bad. This needs to be done this quarter to make room for other WIPs!

I was going to add an eighth quilt (my Farm Girl Vintage quilt, which is in blocks still), but I know that there is no way on God’s green earth that I will realistically get to it this quarter. But it will be on the second quarter list, because I am going to put my sewing machine foot pedal to the metal and SEW.

Speaking of pedals, my foot pedal cord keeps cutting out. I just had Bernadette (my Bernina 550QE) in for her annual spa treatment, and they said the connection was just fine. I think they misunderstood what was happening, and I should have been more clear that it was the pedal cord, not the connection. But we are getting by for now, and I don`t want to take it back again until I have to.

Linking up to the 1st Quarter Finish-Along linky party. Why not join us?

Cathy maroon


  1. Beautiful projects listed. Good luck with your finishes.

  2. OMG Cathy, these are gorgeous! Not sure I can pick a favorite!!! Pam

  3. These are all beautiful projects! Good luck with your goal of finishing them all.

  4. Well I must say that it doesn't surprise me that your pedal cord is having overheating problems - not that it's the least bit overworked or anything. Ahem.

  5. I love checking things off my lists! I"ve been known to add something that wasn't on the list, but if it got done, it went on the list with a check! Love your dresdens. If I make another, I'll have to consider your options for centers. Great work on all the rainbow quilts. Mine are still waiting to be put up on the design wall.

  6. I love having lists too, and if I didn't many things would just not happen as I'd forget or lose motivation!! And like Sunny above, I will add something to my list if it wasn't there and I have completed it, just for the satisfaction of checking it off! :) A great selection of project there, but your rainbow improv quilts are just lovely.

  7. I envy the time you have to quilt. I am going for a big one finish each quarter this year. Oh well, at least it will be one!

  8. Good luck! Looks like joining in with the RSC really paid off in some awesome quilts...well, awesome quilty goals, I guess.


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