Tuesday, January 31, 2017

January Rainbow Quilt Recap

Today, the last day of January (who else is cheering?!?), we are holding a celebration of Rainbow Quilt goodness over at Angela’s So Scrappy blog.  Everyone who has finished a Rainbow Scrap Quilt this month, regardless of when it was started, is invited to show it to the world! We are hoping to inspire newbies and those who might be teetering on the brink of joining us in our goals of monthly scrap-busting, color by beautiful color.

This month I finished up three of my 2016 rainbow quilts, all of which were flimsies before the month began. All (ha!) I had to do was baste, quilt and bind.

Rainbow Rails
This quilt was made from vintage sheets (except 4 lonely strips I had to fill in; one in orange and 3 in brown). It finished at 72x81". The “batting” was merely white flannel as this is meant to be a summer-weight throw, and the quilting was a large meandering stipple.

Cool Scrappy Improv
All during 2016 I made improv blocks (8.5” unfinished) with the bits and bobs left over from all my other planned blocks. These bits included experiments, half square triangles, flying geese, and just about any scrap over 1.5”.  I had so many at the end of the year (over 90), that I divided them into warm and cool color groups. This is the cool colorway. It is sashed with 2.5” (2” finished) black strips and set 7x7. It measures 72x72” and is batted with Warm and Plush. The quilting was a simple vertical large zig-zag.

Warm Scrappy Improv
This quilt used the scrappy blocks of the warm colors from my 2016 rainbow adventures. The colors are yellow, orange, red and pink. Again, they are sashed with 2.5” strips, in this case Kona Cream. The blocks are set 6x8 in this quilt, resulting in a quilt that measures 62x82”. The batting is the same Warm and Plush, which I love because it gives a slightly higher loft than the Warm and Natural. I buy it in 25-yard rolls from JoAnn online (when they either have a good sale or free shipping, or both). The quilting is a free-form loopy design that I do on my Bernina.

I was pleased to finish these three in January. There are still 2 quilts left to do from my 2016 Rainbow piecing; the Rainbow Dresdens and my Rainbow 16-patches. I have started sewing the patches into columns. There will be 9 columns (colors) of 10 blocks each.

As I will be on vacation for about 10 days in February, I’m not sure if I will finish either of them. My first priority is finishing a quilt for my brother-in-law that I can deliver when we get to Arizona.  But I’ll keep you posted.

And finally, I thought I would just throw in a Gratuitous Cute Kitty Picture. Because, why not?
Alfalfa (“Alfie”, in orange) and his sister Darla are best friends and partners in crime. They look so innocent, don’t they? HA! You should’ve heard them running around last night about midnight. They could wake up the dead.

Holding Paws
Have a great week, everyone!

Cathy maroon


  1. Overachiever you!! You must be THRILLED to have completed THREE quilts from the RSC. Alfie and Darla are adorable holding paws!! Thanks for sharing.

  2. I am sooooo jealous. Give me some of your energy, lol.... Hugs, LJ

  3. YES! I need some of your energy as well! I love all of the quilts you have finished and congratulations on those finishes by the way!

    Your kitties are adorable. I have always believed that two are better than one.

  4. your rainbow rails is great! and I love that it has the flannel- I bet it's super cozy! I really like the cool improve better than the warm, funny...

  5. Love your finishes. Instead of thinking you are making the rest of us look bad, I will say that you are inspiring us all. :)

    Love the kitty pic. Cats have certainly perfected the art of looking innocent, haven't they?

  6. Your rainbow improv quilts are wonderful -- I especially like the warm one! Congrats on the three finishes - and thanks for including the kitty photo. Oh, those faces . . .

  7. the quilts are great - love how you have assembled them

  8. Oh dear, the paw holding is adorable but Darla and Alfie's stares suggest they are up to no good.

  9. You must be thrilled to have 3 finished quilts. So much rainbow happiness.

  10. Congrats on three finishes! They are all lovely and my favorite is the cool scrappy with the black sashing. The rainbow from old sheets is also pretty. You must have collected them for years. ,have a,great vacation.

  11. My favourite is the cool scrappy with the dark borders but the kitty picture is adorable. I'd be spending way too much time scritching behind ears and wouldn't get any stitching done.


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