Saturday, October 15, 2016

Mellow Yellow and a Quilt Finish!

The Mellow Yellow is ME. I am mellow because I’m so proud of myself that I didn’t lose my temper while spending way too long (like a couple hours or more) trying to set up my iCloud photo sharing between my iMac, iPad and iPhone. I am so sick of having to take pix on multiple devices and/or email them back and forth...... and then things change whenever there is a major update. I finally did it. A computer geek I am NOT. Fingers crossed.

Since I posted my 4th Quarter Finish Along goals yesterday, I want to start off by showing you the first finish of this quarter. Aria. Our model today is Alfalfa.

Once the quilt was back from the quilter on October 3, all I had to do was trim and bind it. Here is a close-up of their quilting. The pattern is a paisley and flower, which I thought was appropriate for the fabric.

And then, since I was taking pictures, both cats had to jump up and get their photos taken. At one point, Alfie started grooming Darla. That went on until he either got a bit playful or rough or Darla had had enough. Anyway, just like human kids, the nice play turned into a fight (claws retracted). I got a picture or two of them at that point, not realizing until later that I caught Darla in mid-somersault. I love when they do that!!

Anyway, Aria was Goal #1 on my Q4 Finish-Along list (shown here).

This week I did manage to get four golden 16-patch blocks. Bad pic, but it’s all I have.

I threw a few peach scraps in there, in the spirit of the sunrise (or was it sunset?) colors. No matter. The bright and pastel yellows are coming up next week, but I wanted to hold off until I had made my final blocks for the RSC Sampler Quilt.

I’m linking up to the Rainbow Scrap Challenge, too, so why not come check out the fun?

My cousin Kim sews with me every Sunday. Last weekend she finished piecing another quilt top. This one is for her other granddaughter Zoey, who is six and picked out the colors herself. I think she has rather sophisticated taste for a 6-year old!

Kim will add borders this weekend, and then we will baste it sometime (with construction going on here on the weekend, that may be problematic). Isn’t it gorgeous???

Finally, I made my 9th block for the Cozy Christmas Sew-Along; the holly. I still have to add all the sashings, but will probably do that tomorrow.

Oops, I forgot to crop and do some photo editing, but oh well. Besides going crazy with the computer this afternoon, my morning was spent running to Home Depot (to return the extra electrical and media components, a credit that totaled $140) and then heading to Sherwin-Williams to buy paint for the living room and hallway (spent $98 of the aforementioned $140,  even with a contractor discount), and then to Trader Joe’s (pumpkin scone mix, Pumpkin O’s cereal, and peaches and pears). And that used up most of the last of the credit, LOL!!! Our contractor Jeff is adding the tile/stone to the fireplace this weekend. The floors are here in boxes and are acclimating for the next 10 days. This whole construction thing seems to be clipping right along. Either I’ve grown patient in my old age, or...... or what? I think I’ve just grown patient in my old age, LOL!!

Cathy maroon


  1. You and your cousin make WONDERFUL quilts!! Golden squares and those sweet holiday blocks are coming along nicely, too.

  2. I love your Aria quilt! Such a pretty finish! I still haven't made it to Trader Joe's for pumpkin things - maybe this week! Glad your remodel is going along smoothly.

  3. sorry, I was distracted by adorable tumbling cats

  4. Beautiful quilts! LOVE the cat pictures! Such fun to watch cats, cat videos, etc.

  5. What a lovely finish. But I do have a technical question...what are retracted claws? Respectfully, Molly

  6. Congrats on the beautiful Aria and the equally stunning models. I hope the house construction continues on schedule and budget. Kim did a beautiful job on her quilt also.

  7. Oh wow - all my comments about your quilts got blown out the window at the mention of Pumpkin Scone mix. Trader Joe's just opened an outpost here, so guess where I will be going tomorrow!

  8. Aria turned out beautifully. The cats certainly seem to have taken a liking to it. Beautiful colors in your 16 patch blocks.

  9. Hey, my nickname is Mellow and of course my favorite color is Yellow.
    I love all that you have shown....and most especially the cats. :)

  10. Great quilt! Love how pets and tiny humans are always trying to steal the show! Thank you for participating in the FAL, on behalf of the 2016 global FAL hosts.


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