Thursday, October 27, 2016

Another (Cat) Quilt Done!

What a good week this has been!

On Monday, my granddaughter Lauren had school off (she’s 12), so we got to have her with us all day. I had hoped to have her help me pick the last of the carrots and potatoes in the garden, but it was cold and rainy, so we opted for Plan B.  Which, really, was Plan A all along, LOL.  We sewed. Of course, we did go out to lunch with Grandpa, but other than that, we sewed.

I gave Lauren a sewing machine a couple years ago, and she brought it along. She already had a project in mind to make. She attends a cheer/dance/gymnastics school locally called Gravity Dance Center and wanted to make a pillow to take there.  I set her loose with my scraps and she selected the school colors of chartreuse and gray, from which she cut 2.5” squares. After playing with a layout, Lauren sewed them all together, then I quilted it very simply for her on my machine. She made the back (with opening) of the pillow and sewed it all together. It was a 14” pillow form, and we purposely made it a bit small so it would be snug. It was perfect!!

Lauren and her Gravity Pillow!

While she sewed, I worked on another kitty litter (I should probably call it a litter of kitties instead of kitty litter, LOL). This is litter #3 of 6 for the third Kitty Quilt.

And while we’re on the subject of kitties, I finished Kitty Quilt #2 (For DGD London). This is my Finish Along Quarter 4  Goal #3. Three quilts finished up this month!! YAY!!

This quilt has the only brown litter and the only teal litter in it. It has the same kitty backing fabric as the one I finished earlier in the month.

I also finished piecing the blocks for my Cozy Christmas Quilt and will sew on the borders next. Color me disappointed when I learned I forgot to include it in my Q4 Finish-Along list, because this one will be done before Christmas. But oh well.

Tomorrow I begin quilting my cousin Kim’s red, white and black quilt. Once that is done, I’ll probably begin quilting Magic Carpet for son Shane.

Today, Thursday, is one of my hubby Bruce’s days off, and we took the opportunity today to get the final paperwork signed and notarized for me to pull my Siemens pension and roll it into my IRA. It was an unexpected surprise that I may have mentioned before. It will more than make up for what we are spending on the remodel.

We also loaded up our antique Dutch sideboard and took it to our favorite antique store, Capital City Antiques in Salt Lake. It’s now for sale on consignment, and they (the experts) priced it at a level that pleasantly surprised us. If it sells - and they are pretty confident it will soon - we’ll get much more than anticipated. Of course we’re not counting any ducks yet.....  But all this is to say that our living room is pretty much emptied out now. We have a couch to take to the thrift store next week, and it will be virtually empty. The painting can begin in earnest now that we have access to walls (LOL). It will go quickly. And then there is the hallway, and the doors. We will add crown molding and new baseboards, but they’ll all be painted before installing. This weekend the fireplace gets grouted and we begin ripping up carpet.

I’m also linking up to Amanda’s Finish it up Friday!

Talk to you on Saturday for Rainbow Scrap Saturday!!

Cathy maroon


  1. When you are done with the house revamp it will be like have a whole new house!! We got good news with our last IRA statements. I worried over that Brexit event when stocks fell. But I guess our plans took advantage of that and our values on our last quarterly grew astoundingly. It's always reassuring to see a big bounce.

    Love the colors of the lastest kitties. Lauren is already a pretty good at stitching. I love to see love of needle art passed on to the next generation. I never could pass that interest on to my daughter, but my youngest grandson DID want to learn how to crochet when he was about 7. Needless to say, that didn't last long. It was just a step in his engineering mind.

    Have a great weekend.
    xx, Carol

  2. So many fun quilts - love them all! I'd love to have you link up to Finished or Not Fridays each week!

  3. Gorgeous pillow Lauren! Lovely fabric chocies. And great kitty quilts Grandma!

  4. Another 'phew' post - not only are you sewing up a storm, but redoing the house too. I still wonder if you ever find time to sleep at night! Your lovely granddaughter is showing that she has inherited your sewing talent....good for her.

  5. I love the kitties! They are adorable! Thank you for sharing and participating in the 2016 FAL on behalf of the 2016 global hosts.


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