Saturday, July 2, 2016

Looking Through Rose-Colored Glasses, er..... Drawers

July is here and the new color of the month for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge is PINK. Angela and Vickie put the emphasis on hot pink with lime accents. Of course, we don’t discriminate against any pinks, so all are welcome. And I’ll keep most of the lime accents for my margaritas, LOL.

So, since July is all of a day old, I haven’t done much sewing-wise. But, I have searched through all my drawers and piles and stacks, etc., to gather up anything that remotely thinks it’s pink. And I have even begun cutting out cats and kittens so certain feline members of my household will not nag me.

And take a look at the pile of pink sheets below I have to work with. The three at the top of the picture are uncut top and bottom sheets. And they may stay that way for quilt backings or for sale in my Etsy shop, because look at all the other scraps I have without them. I will be making my usual 9.5” rail fence blocks with these scraps. But how many can I make? I`ll probably stop around 15-18 and then cut the remainders into 6” blocks for a future quilt.

And look at how fun some of these are! See the one with the lime accents? I used that as a backing on a small quilt I made last year for my cousin Emma.

I will be going to Missouri again this year (In September) and hope to swing by and visit Emma, Aunt Maria and my Uncle Bela. Uncle Bela is 97 and very sharp of mind. He also still walks unassisted, cooks elaborate Hungarian meals, attends church regularly and knows exactly what is going on in the family and the world. He’s the last of his generation (my parents’ generation) left in our family, and he is totally amazing.

But first I will be attending a local quilting retreat where Lori Holt will be the teacher. The event is private, and there will be about 20 of us there to welcome our IG friend Cathy “Tazzie” Purdon to the USA. We’re all having lunch together on Tuesday, then a trunk show by Lori on Wednesday evening. The Farm Girl retreat itself will be all day Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. So I won’t have anything to report to RSC until Sunday, if I’m lucky. Anyway, I`m in mad preparation for the retreat....

Above: laid out piles of scrappy fabrics (minus the pinks; I need to get my RSC sampler pieces, cats and Dresden fans cut out first). And my poor Aria quilt on the design board is once again tabled.....

I`m also going to make a single block of this flag pattern for a purpose I can`t talk about yet. But that should only take a half hour.....

And if all that isn’t enough, the apricot tree is s-l-o-w-l-y ripening and going to want picking beginning in a few days. I checked it this morning and the only fully ripe branch is a high vertical one that hubs had talked about cutting back. My guess is he is going to want to do it tomorrow or Monday (his days off) so we can use the salvageable fruit. We lost 2 largish branches last week due to breakage from weight, so all the rest are propped up. So, the color of the month may be pink, but the fruit of the month is apricot.

I’m linking up to Angela at So Scrappy for Scrap Happy Saturday. Come visit!

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  1. Hope you are able to save those apricots, they sound delicious. Lovely selection of pink. It looks like you will have plenty to keep you busy this month.

  2. I'm oh so envious of your vintage pink sheets! That hibiscus-y print (with the lime) is wonderful! Fresh apricots must be ambrosia - I've never had them fresh, but I imagine they are wonderful.

  3. Oh! Those PINK vintage sheets are SEW sweet!!!

  4. I'm really impressed with how organized your pink scraps are! I've sorted mine by color, but not done any cutting for useful sizes. One of these days... Have a wonderful retreat with Lori Holt!

  5. mmmm - apricots. Wish I was there to help relieve you of some of the crop...hee hee. Nice assortment of pinks (despite that not being my favourite-ist of colours!).

  6. Great start having all your fabrics sorted and cut. I remember having the vintage sheet with the spiky flowers, bottom right. Memories...
    We lived on the San Francisco Peninsula before it became Silicon Valley. We could pick apricots in old orchards alongside the road. There is nothing as flavorful as apricots right off the tree. Enjoy them and enjoy your fun week!

  7. Love all the pink fabrics. You will be busy. I must admit I have slacked off on my quilting. I need to get back to my civil war quilt. First I have to make cushions for my dil's mom for a Canadian rocker she has and then I have promised myself to get back to the quilt. Hugs, LJ

  8. I may have to send Molly your way so she can knock all of those wonderful piles of pink onto the floor. Your quilting assistants aren't doing their job! And today I noticed that the bears left three peaches on the tree. And they aren't the type to leave some for later.

  9. The absolute only way I like lime green color is when it is paired with pink. Boy you have a lot of pink!! I think pink will be a fun month for your stitching!

    have a great 4th.
    xx, Carol


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